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Alessandra Pollicini – Remembrance Run 2013


It was early 2007 when my partner was told he needed a kidney transplant. I still remember the feeling of helplessness. Both our families live outside of Ireland, so we only had one another to rely on as we embarked on this new journey, made of hospital visits, medications, renal diet and eventually dialysis. It was kind of hard. We were starting to accept that this may be it for another five years at least, then an unknown donor changed our lives, at the end of February 2008. A whirlwind year which ended up with a miracle for us, and a tragedy for another family who lost a loved one. I’d like them to know how much this gesture means for us. Since that day, a few things changed: we got married, I found out about the Irish Kidney Association, we both became donors and I discovered I can run. I will be taking part in this year’s Remembrance Run in memory of my husband’s donor. Please sponsor me with a small donation: all funds will go towards the Irish Kidney Association, who do an amazing job with supporting renal patients and their families, as well as increasing awareness around organ donation.

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