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Aoife O’Brien – Flora Women’s Mini Marathon 2014

Hello all, My name is Aoife O’Brien. This year I decided to use my participation in the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon to help raise funds for the Irish Kidney Association. When my nephew Alexander was 1 he was diagnosed with Kidney Dysplaysia and grade 4 reflux. Between his two kidneys he does not have 100% function. Now at 3 years old he has been through a lot more than any child should have to go through but still maintains his amazingly happy, bubbly self. We hope to maintain the kidney function that he does have until he is a lot older but there is a chance that he will eventually need a kidney transplant, hopefully in the far distant future and if and when it comes to that I hope to be the one that gives him a kidney! The information on transplantation and dialysis provided by the Irish Kidney Association and related organisations has really helped me understand the risks and process of live kidney donation. Any donation great or small will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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