Bread is a very important part of a healthy diet. Avoid shop bought soda bread and scones. They usually contain a lot of baking powder which is very high in phosphate. A number of breads are suitable on the renal diet. See below:

White Bread is made with flour made from the starchy inner part of the wheat grain with almost all the bran and the wheat germ removed.
Baguettes and French Sticks are made from white flour. they may be cooked in steam initially and then in a dry oven to develop their crispiness.
Batch Loaf is baked in the oven side-by-side for a longer time than ordinary milk pan. As the dough rises the bread forms itself into quare shaped loaves.
Pitta Bread is a middle eastern flat bread, which is usually oval in shape. It is made from white or wholemeal flour. It can form a pocket and be filled.
Bagels are traditional Jewish rolls, made from white flour. The dough is dipped in boiling water before baking, for shine and chewiness.
Wholemeal Bread Slice Pan is baked from wholemeal flour which is made from the whole of the wheat and grain, including the bran and wheat germ.

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