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                                              POSTER DESIGN


                                              At the recent International Society for Organ Donation and
                                              Procurement (ISODP) Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, there was
                                              a very interesting Poster Design Competition on Organ Donation.
                                                Successful designers and artists from all over the world showed
                                              the importance of organ donation with the artistic works they
                                              prepared and submitted. The competition was the first in the world
                                              with this theme.
                                                A catalogue of the work which was created after the competition
                                              was distributed to thousands of foreign participants of the
                                                The competition was organised by the International Transplant
                                              Network (ITN) Project co-ordinated by the Turkish Transplant
                                                The feedback from the competition has shown that similar
                                              projects should be continued in order to “increase public awarenes
                                              on organ donation since it it a global issue.
                                                Here we showcase some of the outstanding poster work.
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