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A Helping Hand

                                                    oes the name Matthew Rees   six miles of running. His co-runner
        “I just helped a                            mean anything to you? No?   was on the verge of collapse.
                                                    If I said London Marathon   Matthew stopped to help him and
        guy out when                                would that jog (no pun      they crossed the finishing line
                                            Dintended!) your memory?            together.
        he was in need.                     Matthew Rees provided one of the    decision to stop and help. A similar
                                                                                  Though tired Matthew made the
                                            defining images of the 2017 London
        Anyone would                        Marathon. Why? Because, a few       case exists for those individuals and
                                            hundred metres from the finishing line
                                                                                families who decide to donate their
        have done the                       he stopped to help a fellow runner  loved one's organs. However there is
                                                                                one key difference – they 'stop and
                                            who was literally 'out on his feet'. He
        same thing.”                        was applauded for his humanity in   help' in the midst of searing pain and
                                            stopping to help someone in need. In
                                            an interview after the marathon he    What are individuals or families
                                            said “I just helped a guy out when he  asked to do? Put simply they are
                                            was in need. Anyone would have      asked to consent or reject to their
                                            done the same thing.”               loved one becoming an organ donor.
                                              The annual IKA Service of           Sounds straightforward doesn't it?
                                            Remembrance and Thanksgiving        Yet if we think a little more about it,
                                            brings to mind those individuals and  individuals and families are being
                                            families – who echo Matthew Rees’   asked to answer this question in the
                                            generosity of spirit – who donate their  midst of having to accept the death
                                            loved one’s organs. Matthew Rees had  (sometimes violent) of a loved one,
                                            the finishing line in sight. He was  and the shock and disbelief that
                                            nearly there after a gruelling twenty  accompanies it, in other words, when

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