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they are emotionally distraught and in  families who made a decision, in the
        turmoil. To say 'yes' to organ donation  midst of pain, hurt and loss, to 'stop and
        means the individual or family have to  help' another who is in need. Their
        accept immediately that their loved one  generosity of spirit permitted them to
        has died.                              make the monumental decision that
           In his book the actor Mike Farrell  ultimately changed and transformed the
        recalls a TV interview in which one of the  lives of a number of other people. They
        interviewees said the following; “when in  echo the sentiments of Matthew Rees;
        grief one shouldn't make big decisions or  “anyone would have done the same
        take definitive actions. We need to take  thing.”
        time to grieve, an important part of the
        healing process, before we could know           Sigmund Freud
        what the next step should be.” Yet     (Quotation
        individuals and families are asked to  taken from;
        make “the big decision” – consent to   Farrell, M (2007)
        their loved one becoming an organ      'Just Call Me Mike -
        donor – immediately, right then and    A Journey to Actor
        there, in that present moment. And they  and Activist'. RDV                        By MIKE KELLY
        do it, they take that extra step, to help  Books,
        another in need, someone they don't    New York, p.354).
        know or will ever know.
           At this year's Service we remember
        and give thanks to those organ donor
                                                                                                  My thanks to the
                                                                                      Kildare branch for inviting me
          The Irish Kidney Association provides a FREE and confidential counselling service  to speak at one of their branch
          for those on treatment, their families and carers, either through their counsellor,      meetings in July.
          based at Donor House, or through a nationally registered, locally-based counsellor
          network.                                                                   Also thanks to the Cork branch
            If, as a person on treatment, family member or carer, you feel it would be of   for their invitation earlier
          benefit to you to speak to a counsellor or if you would like a referral to a counsellor
          in your local area please contact Mike at Donor House.                                        in October.

                       SUPPORT THE WORK OF THE IKA

                                Yes, I would like to make a regular donation by
                                                      STANDING ORDER.

                                            STANDING ORDER REQUEST FORM
          To: The Manager of
                                                  (Your bank's name and address)
          I/We hereby authorise you to set up a Standing Order on my/our account as specified below:

          Signed:                                                                                                                                          Date:

          PLEASE CHARGE TO MY / OUR ACCOUNT:           Name of Account:

          IBAN:                                                                                                  Bank Identifier Code - BIC:
                                           (These can be found, printed on your bank statement)
          My regular           Monthly        Quarterly        Yearly       DONATION of Amount €
                              (Please tick as appropriate)
                                                                    to start on Date:          /          /
          Name of account:     IRISH KIDNEY ASSOCIATION at Bank of Ireland, College Green, Dublin 2.
          IBAN NO.:  IE06 BOFI 9000 1717 1934 35         BIC NO.:  BOFIIE2D
          As long as you are a PAYE or self-employed tax payer, when you donate €250 or more in a year (€21 or more per month), the Revenue Commissioners will give  Charity
          the Irish Kidney Association CLG an extra rebate of 45%. For example, if you gave €250 in one year, the IKA would gain an extra €112, at no extra cost to you.  Registration
                                                                                                         No. 20011260
                                              (PLEASE DO NOT POST TO YOUR BANK)
                              THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY
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