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Submission to the

                                    Public Consultation Process


                 The Irish         The Irish Kidney Association (IKA) is
                                   the patients’ organisation that produce
                    Kidney         the organ donor cards and distributes
                                   them countrywide. Initially in 1978,
         Association’s             some 39 years ago, the organisation
                                   formed to initiate the first ever Irish
             position on           kidney donor card. As transplantation

                                   evolved to include heart, lung, liver
            Consent for            and pancreas transplantation, the     ORGAN DONATION & TRANSPLANT IRELAND
                                   donor card equally evolved into the  c/o IKA, Donor House, Parkwest, Dublin D12 P5V6
                     Organ         organ donor card we know today.                 Tel: 01 - 620 5306

                Donation              In all this time the principle of ‘Informed  donation and their frustration and fear of
                                    Consent’ has applied and, for the last 10  dying before an organ becomes available
                                    years, there has been a public debate   to them.
                                    about the possibility of changing our     It is accepted by everyone concerned
                                    system of consent to one of ‘Soft Opt-out’  that there is a shortage of organs for
                                    or ‘Presumed Consent’.                  transplantation and something real needs
                                      We recognise that this debate has     to be done. In determining where changes
                                    helped increase awareness of organ      can make a difference one needs to
                                    donation as there has been significant  understand the system as it currently
                                    public interest in the discussion ‘for and  operates. We thus have two strands to
                                    against’ such a change. In recent times we  examine; the public’s interaction with
                                    have observed the changes in Wales and  organ donation and the health system’s
                                    France. The debate is topical as it highlights  interaction with organ donation and
                  October 2017      the plight of those awaiting organ      transplantation.

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