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               The IKA has always been a strong advocate for the  satisfy the public’s request for clarity and certainty in
               introduction of an Organ Donor Registry – a central  organ donation. It will also prove to be a valuable tool
               database that records people’s wishes in relation to  for those involved in the health services seeking
               organ donation which is consulted every time by the  consent for organ donation. They, alone, will be able
               relevant hospital staff before a family is approached to  to access the registry database and inform the
               discuss the possibility of organ donation. Such a  next-of-kin of the ‘deceased’s’ directive in the organ
               Registry would ensure that people have the         donor Registry.
               opportunity to have their informed consent, or       The HSE has sought the views of the public on the
               otherwise, properly recorded and available at the  implementation of a national consent policy. It seems
               required time.                                     logical to include consent for organ donation in the
                  In developing a Register that only records formal  discussion. What is clear in the discussion document is
               objections to organ donation, as is proposed, an   that in capturing the consent of the public it is
               opportunity is missed. Take a step further and     important that it is informed consent – every individual
               introduce a Yes / No Register. In this way, publicity can  should understand what they are consenting to and
               be very constructive with a strong call to action for the  this consent should be properly recorded.
               public – record your wishes about organ donation.    This Registry will give a new added direction for the
               Technology already exists that would allow such a  public to secure their wish, for their next-of-kin to
               registration process to send a message to the      follow. The organ donor awareness campaigns will be
               nominated next-of-kin and would thus act as a prompt  regenerated with the modernisation of the tools
               for the all-important family discussion about organ  available to the public and every opportunity for the
               donation.                                          family discussion to continue will be offered by the
                  If a person had recorded their wishes to be an organ  Registry’s design. The Department of Transport already
               donor, on such a Register, the personnel making the  has a huge database of over 40% of drivers’ licence
               family approach about organ donation can then      holders agreeing to organ donation. There is nowhere
               advocate for the deceased. The IKA regularly fields  to put data to use in the health service. Legislation
               queries from the public about why there is no central  would be required or the question on the licence
               database where they can record their wishes so that  application form would require amendment to make
               they can remove any uncertainty from their next-of-kin  the data available for a Registry.
               at a time of great emotional upheaval.               When the public is properly informed about organ
                  The consent of the public is a small aspect of this  donation there is overwhelming support for it. A
               process. However, the IKA do believe that, after almost  properly funded education programme and a properly
               40 years of listening to the public’s views, the   structured Organ Donor Registry would ensure that the
               limitations of the organ donor card need to be     public are in a position to give their informed consent
               understood and the introduction of an Organ Donor  and that this consent is properly recorded so that it can
               Registry will bring us up-to-date internationally and  be acted upon.

                       Deceased Organ and Tissue Donation Register (Proposal)

                                         ADVANCE CARE DIRECTIVE

                     If I die in the circumstances that organ and tissue donation can be considered (  Tick one box only)

                           I consent to, and authorise, the retrieval of all my useful organs and tissue to help others.

                           I consent to the retrieval of all my useful organs and tissue to help others, provided that
                           authorisation is sought from my next-of-kin.

                           I consent to my next-of-kin deciding whether the retrieval of my organs and tissue should occur.

                           I do not consent to my organs and tissues being retrieved.

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