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                                                                           PUBLIC CONSULTATION PROCESS

                    The Welsh Assembly voted in 2014 to    175,000 people, registered to ‘opt-out’, or say ‘no’, to
                    change the consent system in Wales to an  organ donation since the change. Organ donation
                    ‘opt-out’, presumed consent model.     rates are almost the same as before the change which
           I enclose the latest Welsh organ donation and   was 60, then in the first year of the change they had
        transplantation activity data to explain the results of the  64, and subsequently 61 deceased donors last year.
        change. The UK financial year works from April to  The rates of deceased donor transplants vary every
        March. The change occurred in December 2015 so we  year but 135 transplants is the latest year’s results
        have 2 years data to compare. The NHS in Wales spent  down from a high the previous year, 168 transplants,
        4 million sterling, over a 2 year period, to promote the  but this could be explained by other factors.
        new consent system.                                   There is an NHSBT survey that highlight what the
           At best you could interpret that there is no    Welsh public are now confused about – the new law
        difference to the data in Wales since the change.  with 40% believing that they can still decide on their
        Altering the consent system did not achieve anything  relative’s donation.
        significant. 38% of the population have said ‘yes’ to  So, in summary, the Welsh experience to-date
        organ donation in the Organ Donor Register, up 4%  would not be an encouragement for anyone to create
        before the change. However, 6% of the population,  their kind of laws on consent.

        Annual data for financial years 2012/13 to 2016/17                            Blood and Transplant

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