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ince the last SUPPORT magazine there has been a
                                                              public Consultation Process conducted by the
                                                              Department of Health on the Proposed Human
                                                        STissue Act.  This is the third Consultation Process on
                                                        the subject and Minister Harris was quick off the mark to
                                                        establish the current process. To our great disappointment
                                                        the process evolved as a ‘survey’ only and had very limited
                                                        questions. We sent a Submission, which I enclose in its
                                                        entirety in this edition of SUPPORT.
                                                           Many of you do not understand the IKA’s position on
                                                        the subject and I recognise that it is not a simple topic to
                                                        explain. However, may I recommend you read the
                                                        Submission. I am more than willing to respond to any
                                                        critical observations or, indeed, answer any concerned
                                                        reader’s questions.
                                                           Too many people view ‘presumed consent’ as a vote for
                                                        increased organ donation and are not prepared to
                                                        investigate the subject. As I have said consistently, many
                                                        times, “If we thought that moving to a ‘presumed
                                                        consent/soft-opt out’ system would improve organ
                                                        donation rates by one, we would favour the change.
                                                           As I have now included our Submission I have held back
                                                        the supplement on our team’s success at the World
                                                        Transplant Games in Malaga, during the Summer.
                                                        However, I promise to include it in the Winter edition.
                                                           I would like to welcome the Association’s new
                                                        Chairman, John Whelan, from Bray, Co. Wicklow, who
                                                        took up office following the Association’s AGM in July.
                                                        John, a kidney transplant recipient, is profiled inside this
        Contents...                                     hosted by B. Braun in Wexford, on the progress of the
                                                           I had the pleasure of attending an Information Evening,

                                                        new, long-awaited haemodialysis unit for Wexford. It
                                                        seems like 10 years since it was first proposed.

                                         FRONT COVER        2 EDITORIAL

                                           Kieran Murray is  4 FIT FOR LIFE
                                          welcomed home by
                                          his wife Olivia and  5 NEW NATIONAL HONORARY CHAIRMAN
                                            children Sophie,
                                          Grace and Chloe at  6 EUROPEAN DATA ON ORGAN DONATION
                                             Dublin Airport
                                              following the      & TRANSPLANTATION
                                            successful World
                                          Transplant Games  10 WORLD TRANSPLANT WINTER GAMES
                                           in Malaga, Spain.
                                                            12 A HELPING HAND

                                                            14 SUBMISSION TO THE PUBLIC
                                          There will be more
                                            on the Games in      CONSULTATION PROCESS
                                           the next issue of
                                                SUPPORT.    21 SOCIAL MEDIA & COMMUNICATION

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