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Artistic Challenge

            he winner of the Artistic Challenge Competition in the
            Summer Edition of SUPPORT is TOM MESKELL. He came  ecently we started
         Tsecond in the competion but is the winner of the €1,000  using Snapchat, a
         prize as it has been agreed that the overall winner is to
         receive the €5,000 commission for the sculpture that they  mobile messaging
         have suggested. We are keeping the overall winner a secret  Rapp used to share
         for the time being. Thanks to all of you who put your  photos, videos, text, and
         thoughts down on paper for our consideration.  drawings. It Is free to
                                                      download the app and
                                                      free to send messages
                                                      using it. It has become
                                                      hugely popular in a very
                                                      short space of time,
                                                      especially with young
                                                         Snapchat’s two most
                                                      famous functions are
                                                      “Snaps” and “Stories”.
                                                      The former is a quick
                                                      photo you can take with
            2018 ORGAN DONOR                          the app that gets sent via
                                                      messaging to friends, but
              AWARENESS WEEK                          then it deletes itself after
                                                      10 seconds. When it
                                                      comes to Snaps, you can
                                                      still save good ones
                   will take place on
              Saturday 31st March                     before they disappear
                                                      forever by saving them to your Memories tab.
              to Saturday 7th April                      On the surface these two functions seem pretty youth-focused
                                                      and probably more used by teenagers sending each other selfies.
                                                      For a charity like ours we feel it can leverage Snapchat to give a
                                                      creative spin on visual storytelling.
                 Kidneys                                 For example, if we have got an event happening, we would
             & Women                                  collect a few Snaps to Stories or Memories that show off how
                                                      much fun everyone’s having and what a big impact the event is
                   Health                             having on the community.
                                                         Also on Snapchat you have the option of ‘filters’ which would
                de, V
             Include, V Va alue, Empo w er
                                                      be considered to be its defining and dynamic feature. They allow
                8 Mar
                8 March 2018                          you to include fun animations or special effects on top of the
                                                      photo you’ve snapped (as seen in the picture).
                                                         Now that we have set up our Snapchat account, it is important
                                                      (like our other social media accounts) to get the word out and start
                                                      building our friends list!
                                                         Give the app a try and see what creative fundraising promotions
                                                      you can come up with!
                                                         Our User name is: Irishkidneyas.

                                                            If you have any enquiries please contact me:
                                                                 JAMES REYNOLDS in Donor House,
                                                                       Via email:
    g  World Kidney Day is a joint initiative of
                                                               Or through our official Facebook page,
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