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Did you know...

                Lunches provide around
                  one third of our daily
                 nutritional needs, so it’s
                  important to put some
                   thought and planning

                           into them.

                  It is that time of year       Here are some tips on how to prepare a delicious and
                                                nutritious lunchbox!
             again...BACK TO SCHOOL
                                                1. KEEP IT VARIED                 VEGETABLES – why not add a
                     or WORK after the                                            salad garnish to your sandwich to
                                                STARCHY FOODS – vary the types
                                                                                  add some flavour, crunch and
                         Summer break!          of breads (e.g white or brown pan  goodness (e.g 25g iceberg lettuce,
                                                loaf, granary bread, pitta bread,
                                                                                  cucumber, red pepper,  onion or
                   Already a month in,          baguettes, bagels, ciabatta,      12g rocket/butterhead lettuce or
                                                chapattis, white or granary bread
                                                                                  1 cherry tomato).
               are you getting tired of         rolls). Keep a stock in the freezer.
                                                  You could even cook extra rice,
                      packing the same          pasta or couscous in the evening –
                                                these can make interesting lunches!
                               old lunch?       PROTEIN – fresh lean cooked meat,  2. SPREADS/SAUCES FOR
                                                for example beef, lamb, pork or      EXTRA FLAVOUR
                                                cooked poultry (e.g. chicken, turkey   Olive oil or vegetable based
                                                or hard boiled egg or a small can of  spreads
                                                tuna, boneless salmon or mackerel   Mayonnaise
                                                  For convenience – try sliced meat   Mustard
                                                ‘off the bone’ from the deli.      Cream cheese
                                                FRUIT – pack a portion of fruit for   Chutney or onion relish.
                                                those sweet cravings! They are also  Why not try make your own,
                                                full of vitamins, minerals and fibre.  see opposite page for a tasty red
                                                Try fruits in season such as an apple  onion relish recipe!
                                                or a handful of raspberries and    Cranberry sauce
                                                strawberries.                      Mint sauce

                                                If you have been advised by your dietitian on a protein, fruit or vegetable allowance, be sure to
                                                count what is in your lunchbox within your total daily allowance. One serving of the small
                                                garnishes listed above may be allowed as an additional vegetable source outside your daily
                                                allowance. Link with your Kidney Dietitian and check.

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