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TIPS ON HOW TO KEEP                    Ideally choose fresh cooked
        YOUR LUNCH FRESH                         meats. Avoid processed meats
                                                 such as ham, bacon, sausage,
         To avoid the dreaded soggy             salami or corned beef that are
           sandwich, put juicy vegetables        higher in salt and phosphate
           between some lettuce and other        additives.
           sandwich filler for example, meat.    If you are watching your weight
         Use an airtight containers or tightly  ask for low fat sauces e.g.
           wrap in aluminium foil / cling film.   mayonnaise and ask for a small
         Use a cooler box or bag. A small    amount, or on the side.
           ice pack can also be used!
         If available, keep your lunch in the  REMEMBER...
           fridge. If not, keep it in a cool  If you have been prescribed a
           place away from direct sunlight or  phosphate binder by your team,
                                           remember to bring them with you for
                                           meals away from the home!
        TIPS IF YOU ARE BUYING                                                    RED ONION RELISH RECIPE
        YOUR LUNCH OUT                     WHAT ABOUT DRINKS?                   Ingredients:
         Ask your server for more details  Some suitable options include tea,  2 red onions
           about items on the menu.        water, lemonade (use sugar free/zero  50g butter OR 40mls olive oil /
         Many sandwiches and rolls contain  options if you have diabetes or    vegetable oil
           hidden ingredients such as      watching your weight), tonic water,  1 tablespoon brown sugar
           phosphate additives. Check the  ginger ale. You can use most dilutable  1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
           labels so that you’re not misled!  drinks – check the labels and avoid  Black pepper to taste
            Go for ones that are <1.5g salt  those with a fruit juice content of
              per sandwich.                more than 12%.                       Makes approx. ½ jar of relish
        If you are on a fluid allowance, be sure to count all fluids that you drink including when you are away  Chop the red onion into slices. Add
        from your home!                                                         the butter / oil into a saucepan and
                                                                                heat. Add the sliced onion to the
                                                                                butter/oil. Fry for a few minutes, then
                                                                                add the brown sugar, red wine
                                                                                vinegar and black pepper.
                    5 DAY                                                         Stir and allow to simmer on a low
                                                                                heat for 20 minutes, stirring regularly
             LUNCH BOX                                                          to prevent the sugar from burning.
                                                                                  It should now have reduced to a
                PLANNER                                                         delicious dark red relish

                                                                                Add 1-2 teaspoons to your favourite
          LUNCHBOX 1                                                            meat, chicken or turkey sandwich.
          Bagel with small tin tuna and low fat mayonnaise + small apple        Serve straight away or pop in an
          chopped.                                                              airtight jar and store in the fridge for
                                                                                a later date. Use within 2 weeks.
          LUNCHBOX 2
          Beef and 2 tsp homemade onion relish, pitta bread + handful of

          LUNCHBOX 3
          Rice with small tin boneless salmon, 25g peppers and a splash                      By MARTINA COEN
          of balsamic vinegar + peach.
                                                                                    Tallaght Hospital on behalf of the
          LUNCHBOX 4                                                                     Renal Interest Group of the
          2oz/50g fresh roast turkey, 25g iceberg lettuce and cranberry             Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute
          sauce on granary bread + 2 plums.

          LUNCHBOX 5
          2oz/50g leftover roast chicken, 25g cucumber and low fat
          mayonnaise wrap + small orange.

           On average each lunchbox will provide 2 protein exchanges and 1 portion of fruit.

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