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he 32nd Service of Remembrance
                                                                                  and Thanksgiving was held in its
                                                                                familiar venue, Corpus Christi Church,
                                                                               Homefarm Road, Drumcondra where,
                                                                              once again, we had a fully seated
                                                                             congregation in the Church. We are lucky
                                                                            each year as we were fortunate to have
                                                                           another dry day.
                                                                      The IKA’s National
                                                                   Chairman, Officers,                  John Whelan
                                                                   Board members and the
                                                                   Liturgy Committee were
                                                                   delighted to welcome
                                                                   donor families and
                                                                   transplant recipients to
                                                                   the Service. John
                                                                   Whelan, National
                                                                   Chairman, welcomed
                                                                   the congregation and
                                                                   introduced the Clergy
                                                                   who participated in the Service. As in previous years,
                                                                   the Service was multi-denominational. Originally it was
                                                                   intended to have the presence of the Lord Mayor but
                      SERVICE OF                                   due to the semi-state funeral of Liam T Cosgrave, his
                                                                   attendance was cancelled.



       Jimmy Murphy

                                                                      Archdeacon Gordon Linney, Monsignor Martin O’Shea, Rev William Black,
                                                                            Rev Lorraine Kenny-Ritchie and Bishop Raymond Field,
                                                                      Bishop Raymond Field, Monsignor Martin O’Shea,
                                                                   Archdeacon Gordon Linney, Rev William Black and Rev
                                                                   Lorraine Kenny-Ritchie participated in the Service this
                                                                      In the Opening Procession the ‘Cross’ was carried to
                                                                   the Altar by Jimmy Murphy, from Dublin, who
                                                                   generously donated his beloved wife's organs some
                                                                   years ago.
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