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Global Organ Donor

                                              Commemorative Event

                                                                                     Stone Carver, Ray Flaherty, carving the medical symbol
                                                                                    insert in the candle sculpture. This piece is carved from a
                                                                                       portion of the stone gifted to the ‘Circle of Life’
         The stone candle in the ‘Circle of Life’ Garden, a replica of which will be  The narrative plaque accompanying the stone candle.  National Organ Donor Commemorative Garden by the
                  unveiled in each of the host cities.                                   Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town.
               n Thursday, November 30th, the first ever global  replica of the stone sculpted candle in the ‘Circle of Life’
               event, honouring organ donors, will take place in  National Organ Donor Commemorative Garden in Galway.
               five cities on five continents. Its timing will coincide  The sculptures, symbolising the light of humanity shone
        Owith the 50th anniversary of the world’s first heart  through donation, will each be accompanied by a stone
        transplant performed by Dr. Christiaan Barnard at the  tablet narrating the purpose of the project and highlighting
        Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town in 1967 where a   the intercity/intercontinental gesture of outreach and
        major international conference will be held titled ‘50 years  friendship through which the gifting is made.
        of Heart Transplantation: Courage and Innovation’.      The sculptures will be located in centres of transplant
           This Irish-led commemorative event involves the gifting,  excellence/education in each of the five continental cities
        by five of Ireland’s major cities, Dublin, Galway, Cork,  and will involve the civic authorities, medical fraternity and
        Belfast and Derry of a stone sculpted candle to the   organ donation transplantation communities.
        recipient cities of Barcelona, Cape Town, New Delhi, Boston
        and Melbourne.                                             Cape Town, Sth Africa – Groote Schuur Hospital
           On the same day, Limerick City will also gift a             Melbourne, Australia – Alfred Hospital
        commemorative candle to the people of Derry and                    Boston, US, Boston University
        Strabane, and two other events will take place, at the           Barcelona, Spain – Hospital Clínic
        ‘Circle of Life’ Garden in Galway and at Belfast City          New Delhi, India – Safdarjung Hospital
        Hospital.                                                            Derry – St. Columb's Park
           Organised by Strange Boat Donor Foundation, in
        association with Organ Donation & Transplant Ireland    At the event in the ‘Circle of Life’ Garden in Galway on
        (ODTI), this global event will acknowledge the generosity  30th November, the three Irish transplant hospitals and
        and humanity of organ donors and their families, and will  their staff; Beaumont, the Mater and St. Vincent's, will
        help promote the cause of organ donation on a world   each be honoured by the presentation of a carved plaque
        stage.                                                of appreciation by the three transplant associations, the
           Through the unveiling events in the different cities, the  Irish Kidney Association, the Irish Heart & Lung Transplant
        organisers aim to increase global awareness of organ  Association and Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.
        donation by reaching 10 million people which, it is     All are welcome at this global commemorative event in
        believed, will help establish a global organ donation  Galway on November 30th at 2pm.
        awareness network that transcends national boundaries.  Further information from: Strange Boat Donor Foundation
           The commemorative sculptures are each 5.5’ tall carved  email: | 087-7429080/085-7272491

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