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                              BY KAREN BRADLEY

                                                                                   Unit in Letterkenny. I honestly do
                                                                                   not know where or what we
                                                                                   would do without these people.
                                                                                     And, finally, we were delighted
                                                                                   with the Organ Donor Awareness
                                                                                   Week and the Church gate
                                                                                   collections - congratulations to all
                                                                                   our volunteers and thank you for
                                                                                   your hard work.
                                                                                     Christmas cards will be available
        Hi to all from the Donegal branch     everyone had fun.                    from the Letterkenny Dialysis Unit,
        new Secretary. I do hope you all had    Our thanks to Siobhan and George   any member of staff or Siobhan
        a wonderful Summer?                   Bates for organising such a lovely day.  Bates.
           The branch had a lovely annual       We would like to wish Yvonne         If there are outstanding monies
        Summer outing. We were picked up by   McFadden and her sister well after they  could we ask that they be handed
        bus from Letterkenny for a full fun   went through the paired kidney       in?
        packed day. We stopped off first at Kitty  exchange transplant and also to Patricia  That's all our news from the
        Sean’s for tea/coffee and homemade    Fitzpatrick who had a live donor     branch until the next time.
        scones and then we toured the Doagh   transplant. All are well and enjoying
        Famine Village. It was very interesting  their new ‘gift of life’.
        and good craic. We then headed to the   A special thought to our branch
        red roof barn where the music with    members who have lost family or
        Shunie Crampsey and guests had us all  friends.
        dancing. We finally ended up in         We would like to thank the Renal
        delicious meal as always. It was a lovely  Support Centre, Beaumont, for
        day for the children and adults and   everything they do for us, and the Renal

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