Page 48 - Support Magazine Autumn 2017
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                                                                  BY CATHY SMYTH

        Hello everyone, I hope you had an
        enjoyable Summer.
           The main event, held by
        Westmeath IKA this Summer, was our
        annual cycle on the Greenway
        between Achill and Westport which
        took place on July 22nd.
           Once again the event was very well
        attended. We were blessed with the
        weather, no rain and most
        importantly not much of a breeze!
           We set off from Achill at about
        12pm and met back in the Helm pub
        in Westport Quay for a meal and a
        few drinks.
           Many thanks to all who
        participated and to those who
        contributed to the funds raised.
           We will be holding our annual
        Mass and get together in late
        November/early December so I hope
        we will see you there?

        48                                  IKA S UPPOR T A UTUMN 2017
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