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FAMILY FUN DAY – NEWTOWN                                                          PHOTOS BY JOE CASHIN

                                                                                                 Helping out...Kay Hannigan
                   Kieran Kirwan, David Janes, displaying old army memorabilia  Anne Power and mum Peggy Roche  J.J. Bagge and Mary Bagge
                                      Dan & Bim Connors

         Tanya Gorey, Sean Murray,
         Fionn, Shay & Fay O’Reilly                                                Marian Dunphy,       Lorraine Power,
         and doggie Prince                           Jody Hassett & Lauren Dalton  Kathleen Harney  Willie, Jessica &  Bella McGrath

                                             Ronan O’Sullivan tries his hand
         Mick Kavanagh in his 1924 Bull nose Morris  at milking the electronic cow      Fintan Lambe& P.J. Kirwan

         David & Christopher Collender
         playing 4 in a row

                                                                                     Catherine & Paul Daniels
                                                                                                 Shane Grant & Corey Power
                                                                                            Community Cardiac first responders

                                  Ray Halligan         Ava Thornton and dad Michael. Ava won 1st
                                  & Siobhan Hassett    prize in running event for her age

                                                            Eileen & Paddy Long with grandchildren
                                 Ruby Allen, Anita Flynn        Zane and Calum Dooley Cullinane  Jo Hallihan at the flower stall
                                             IKA S UPPOR T A UTUMN 2017                                        51
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