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Third time luckyforJOHN PAUL

                                                       hen John Paul Jones was 16 years old a virus was detected which
                                                       attacked his kidneys. He led a typically young life up until he
                                                       turned 20 when his kidneys failed and he quickly progressed to
                                              Wdialysis treatment. Fortunately he had to undergo three times
                                              weekly hospital dialysis for just 7 months until a suitable deceased donor
                                              kidney transplant came along in June 2000.
                                                He is quick to express his gratitude to his deceased donor as he was given
                                              4 years away from dialysis treatment until, once again, his kidney function
                                              failed but this time his wait for a transplant was to be much longer – almost
                                              twelve and a half years.
                                                Several members of John Paul’s family had put themselves forward for
                                              assessment at Beaumont Hospital to be living donors but they were deemed
                                              incompatible. Undeterred John Paul’s aunt, Tina Fletcher, a mother of two
                                              from Roscrea, decided, on the suggestion of medics at Beaumont Hospital,
                                              to enter a paired exchange programme in the UK. Paired exchange
                                              essentially provides for a pair, which includes an incompatible willing donor
                                              and a patient in need of a kidney transplant, whom they have an emotional
                                              attachment with (such as a spouse, friend or relative), to be assessed for
                                              suitability to swap kidneys with two strangers who are also in the
                                              programme. The programme runs over four cycles in the year.
                                                Their hopes had been dampened after being called for the first and
                                              second cycle but the paired exchange kidney transplant operations could not
                                                It was third time lucky for John Paul and Tina when the third cycle last

                John Paul and his fiancée Teresa
                                              September resulted in a successful paired exchange between them and two
                                              strangers, who they were told were from Manchester. The operations took
                                              place on the 30th September.
                                                The Tipperary man is now looking forward to getting married next year
                                              after proposing to Teresa, his teacher girlfriend, in December. They are now
                                              making plans for their wedding in June 2018.

             reda Kavanagh compares         after receiving her successful
             receiving a kidney transplant in  transplant, Freda couldn't believe her
         FJune 2010 to winning the lottery  ears when, from behind the curtain
         and she shares this joy with someone  partition she heard a familiar voice. It
         she describes as her ‘kidney sister’.  was David Nolan, a friend and fellow                   Sheila Garvey
         Freda from Ashford, Co. Wicklow    villager from Ashford. He was in
         struck up a unique friendship with  conversation with a doctor while  surprise to Freda that, like her, David
         Galway native Sheila Garvey which  being prepped to go down to theatre  had also been called for a transplant.
         will endure for life.              for a kidney transplant from another  In expressing her gratitude for her
           They met for the first time under  deceased donor. It came as an utter  life changing transplant Freda said,
         unusual circumstances at                                              "A life threatening illness makes you
         Beaumont Hospital when each                                           aware of your own mortality. It
         of them underwent kidney                                              increases your sense of gratitude for
         transplants from the same                                             things that, perhaps, you took for
         deceased donor. They were                                             granted and hadn't appreciated how
         informed that their deceased                                          precious they were. Being given the
         donor was a retired teacher.                                          gift of life makes you more conscious
         Freda and Sheila began                                                of being generous to other people -
         corresponding (anonymously via                                        not in monetary terms but in helping
         the transplant coordinator) with                                      the living in whatever small way you
         the deceased donor's sister.                                          can because someone once did it for
           While in recovery at Beaumont       David Nolan and Freda Kavanagh  you."

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