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Ireland needs a Registry of an individual's decision on
                                                            organ donation after their death. This would be a
                                                            valuable resource in clarifying, for the next-of-kin, those
                                                        Iwho are willing to help others after their demise.
                                                           The Organ Donor Card is currently the main item in our
                                                        toolbox and it has served us well. However, a Registry that
                                                        can be accessed, with your decision on organ donation, is
                                                        now available in countries across the modern world, but
                                                        unfortunately not in Ireland. The ability to show a grieving
                                                        family that their deceased relative had joined such a Registry
                                                        would be a much stronger position for the Organ Donor
                                                        Coordinator. The vast majority of families will follow the
                                                        wishes of the deceased, when known, and a Registry would
                                                        identify their wish.
                                                           We would also recommend that individuals, unwilling to
                                                        donate their organs, would form part of this Registry.
                                                           There is much work involved in maintaining a good
                                                        Registry. Making sure your next-of-kin are aware that you
                                                        have joined the Registry would be a simple process.
                                                           What we do not need is a Registry of only the people
                                                        who have said ‘no’ to organ donation. That is what the
                                                        current Government are advocating. The costs of such a
                                                        Registry would be a little cheaper but a classic waste of
                                                        money and a lost opportunity.
                                                           Organ Donor Awareness Week 2017 is almost upon
                                                        us. It appears to come around quicker each year! For those
                                                        of you who are veterans of the campaign, hopefully new
                                                        patients and family members will join you and share some
                                                        of the work distributing organ donor cards, whilst offering
                                                        the sale of 'Forget-Me-Not' merchandise to the public
                                                        between April 1st-8th.
        Contents...                                     known by now to you all, who has kindly agreed to extend
                                                           I am delighted and wish to thank Vivienne Traynor, well

                                                        her ambassadorial role for this year's campaign.

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