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                                            This year’s summer World Transplant Games will be held in Malaga, Spain
                                            from June 25th – July 2nd. With over 2000 people already registered it looks
                                            like this year’s Games will be the biggest World Games ever!

                                            Registrations for the Ireland team are looking good with a nice mix of regulars
                                            and newcomers as well as a broad range of ages and abilities. Registration
                                            will remain open until April 16th with more details to be found on the
                                            Games website: Participation is open to
                                            transplant recipients who are a minimum of 12 months post-transplant and who
                                            meet the basic medical requirements of the World Transplant Games Federation.

                                            There is a broad variety of sports available ranging from the more physical such
                                            as athletics, cycling, swimming and racquet sports to the more skill based such
                                            as ten-pin bowling, darts and petanque (French boules). With competition
                                            organised according to age categories that include the over 70 year olds. There
                                            are opportunities open to all.

                                            The Ireland team (Transplant Team Ireland) operates by a sports for all
                                            philosophy. We see the ‘Games experience’ as being about so much more than
                                            competition. The friendship that is found within the team and the experiences
                                            that can be gained from meeting peers from across the globe is extremely
                                            If you would like to find out more, contact team manager, Colin White
                                            (, in Donor House (01 620 5306). Better still, attend one of our
                                            sports sessions in the ALSAA Sports Complex, (see schedule elsewhere) and
                                            meet fellow transplant recipients who have been there, done that and are going
                                            back for more!

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