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Experiences with


                                                                                               Darren, Aoife and baby Iarlaith

                                        little over six years ago I  wife, Aoife. Life with kidney  failure, starting kidney
                                        received my second    failure is incredibly difficult  dialysis a few days later. I
                                    Akidney transplant. It    at times, but it's still life,  was not some sickly youth, I
                                    was an important and life  and it needs to be lived, a  was studying for a Sports
                                    changing time for me. Not  realisation that took me  Degree in England. I had
                                    just because I'd lost a   many years to learn.       seen my future in health
                                    kidney transplant in the    I was 20 years old when  and fitness or teaching.
                                    past. Not because I had   an optician sent me to the   From a sports and fitness
                                    spent 9 years going into  hospital. He didn't say why  student to kidney failure in
                                    Castlebar Hospital on     and it came as an enormous  a week. Life has a funny
                                    dialysis. It was because  shock that within a week of  way of changing your
                                    exactly one month earlier I  going into hospital I was  direction.
                                    had proposed to my now    diagnosed with kidney        As the years passed and
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