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Grandmother shaves

                      head for charity

               ary Flynn, from Drumkeerin in
               Leitrim, received a kidney
        Mtransplant 24 years ago. She
        has been through several health crises
        in her life including two kidney
        transplants, colon cancer, two gall
        bladder surgeries, open heart surgery
        and surgery to insert a pacemaker.
          After she had reared her family of
        10 children she discovered she had
        renal disease. Mary received
        haemodialysis treatment for 3 years
        prior to receiving a kidney transplant
        in 1992 which, unfortunately, was not
        a success.
          Thankfully, she was called for a
        second transplant in January 1993
        which has allowed her to enjoy a very
        healthy busy life to this day.
          She celebrated her 85th birthday
        last month on February 15th.
          Mary now lives on her own since
        her late husband Peter passed away,

                                            twenty two years ago, but she is never  Irish Kidney Association and she and
                                            short for company with her children  her family help with collections for the
                                            and 22 grandchildren nearby.        organisation around awareness
                                              She won ‘Slimmer of the Year’ in  campaigns.
                                            August 2011 after shedding six and a  In September 2016 Mary had her
                                            half stone over an 18-month period  head shaved with proceeds in excess
                                            and has lost another stone since then.  of €5,000 going to three charities
                                              Mary used to require a walking stick  including the IKA.
                                            but since she lost weight she finds she  She says that her donor is always in
                                            is much more mobile and hardly ever  the back of her mind and she has
                                            needs it.                           Mass said regularly for the donor.
                  Mary with daughter Ethel    She is still an active member of the  Mary is pictured above with some of her grandchildren

          Melanie, from Slimming World in Drumshambo, Mary’s daughter Orla
             (middle) who is a nurse in Beaumont Hospital and Mary.  Mary is pictured with her ten children and late husband Peter
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