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                                                                             his year’s TACKERS Ski Camp again took
                                                                             place in Anzère, Switzerland from
                                                                             February 4th-11th. This is a fantastic
                                                                         Tannual event organised by inspirational
                                                                         transplant recipient, Liz Schick.
                                                                           TACKERS brings together children from
                                                                         around the world who share the common
                                                                         experience of having received a transplant.
                                                                         The children get to try skiing or snow-
                                                                         boarding and a wonderful variety of
                                                                         activities with their peers.
                                     Liz Schick                            Every year the IKA facilitates 2 or 3
                                                                         children from Ireland to attend the Camp,
                                                                         with sponsorship from Astellas Pharma. The
                                                                         benefits for the children are more than just
                                                                         a week of fun in the snow. The Camp offers
                                                                         an opportunity to step outside their comfort
                                                                         zone and to bond with peers from across
                                                                         the world and thus form a positive
                                                                         transplant friendship network that may be
                                                                         of support as they grow up.

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