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Because the Camp is specifically set up for children
        who are transplant recipients it gives parents the
        reassurance that they can let their child experience
        activities that they may feel insecure about in a regular
        school setting.
           Every year a number of volunteers support the
        activities of the Camp. This year was particularly special
        given that 4 of the volunteers were ex-Campers. As
        transplant recipients they had attended the Camp when
        they were younger and this year they were coming back
        to help ensure that other children got to enjoy the same
        experiences they did. Their return to the Camp is
        indicative of the enduring nature of the peer friendships
        that can form.
           Bringing 50 children together for such a week does               Aimee Louise Fenton, Jack O'Brien and Rebecca Osgood-Daly
        not just happen. It takes a huge amount of work and
        the bringing together of many players to make it run
        smoothly. Liz Schick is the driving force behind it all. She
        continues to inspire sponsors, her local community, the
        wider transplant community and volunteers. The
        involvement of Swisstransplant in supporting this year’s
        Camp is testament to the esteem in which the Camp is
           Listening to the Children’s stories during the week of
        the Camp highlights the importance of supporting them
        through childhood and the transition to adulthood.
        More and more countries are investing time and
        resources into the important transition phase from child
        to adult medical services. Activities such as the TACKERS
        Ski Camp, the British Transplant Games and the World
        Transplant Games can help in this process

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