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Three quarter of the Association's funding comes     However, now it is clear that ‘full’ is when there
        from the public and so much of our activity, for     are not enough staff available in a unit. Burnout is
        patients, depends on maintaining our funding levels.  simmering just below the surface in many places.
        The HSE is cash strapped and, unfortunately, we are     We are delighted that the Tralee Dialysis unit has
        well down their pecking order. However we are        agreed, and is able, to facilitate some holiday dialysis
        grateful for what we do receive.                     for us again this year. I expect that the decision on
           Good news was delivered by David McMahon, of      the new Tender for Wexford's Unit will be news
        the Irish Skin Foundation, concerning sunscreen      before the end of the month. How long will the
        protection for transplanted patients - note details  Waterford facility have to still cope with their
        inside on page 13.                                   overcrowding I am still unsure but it will not be any
           Two replacement haemodialysis facilities have     time in 2017 for holiday haemodialysis for our
        opened since the last edition of SUPPORT, one in     Tramore visitors. Yet again you are still more likely to
        Beaumont Hospital, which I am looking forward to     secure a haemodialysis holiday abroad in Europe,
        seeing. The other is in Limerick University Hospital  including free treatment with an EHIC card, than
        which, fortunately, I have managed to visit. It is an  ever to secure a centre transfer holiday in Ireland.
        outstanding facility and when I stated that it was   Deborah, in Head Office, is the renal holiday expert
        the best facility I was ever in, people thought I was  to contact.
        exaggerating, I am not!                                 The annual renal census show that on December
           Almost all the haemodialysis units, in the country,  31st 2016, 2,075 people were receiving dialysis
        are struggling to employ their proper complement     treatment, 60 more than a year ago of which 47 are
        of nursing staff. Years ago I would have deemed a    on haemodialysis - see article on page 10 for more
        dialysis unit ‘full’ due to the lack of haemodialysis  details.
        stations.                                               May I take this opportunity to wish you all a
                                                             successful Organ Donor Awareness Week and,
          RISING POSTAL CHARGES                              hopefully, the weather will be kind to us all in our

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                                                                                               MARK MURPHY

         16 KIDNEY SISTERS                                   30 SALT – LEAVE IT FOR THE SEA!
         17 I DONATED MY SON’S ORGANS –                      32 ALTRUISTIC ORGAN DONATION

             NOW TWO MEN LIVE HEALTHY LIVES                  33 MEMBERSHIP FORM
         18 ANGER – VIRTUE OR VICE?                          34 AROUND THE BRANCHES

         20 HAEMODIALYSIS GROUP HOLIDAY                      55 BRANCH

         21 FIFTY YEARS TOGETHER                                  SECRETARIES

         22 21st WORLD TRANSPLANT GAMES                      56 RUN FOR

         23 SPORTS ROUND-UP                                       A LIFE

         26 MARY FLYNN

         28 TACKERS

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