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                                                                               IT FOR

                                                                               THE SEA!

          ‘A high salt intake holds          alt, or sodium chloride, is needed in  It is important not to use salt
                                             very small amounts in the body for  substitutes such as LoSalt and So-Low, as
             onto water, increases           maintaining water balance, healthy  they are very high in potassium.
               blood pressure and       Sblood pressure and healthy muscles
                                        and nerves. However, too much salt in  Avoid having the following foods as
         increases thirst making it     your kidney diet may lead to increased  they contain large quantities of salt:
                                        thirst, high blood pressure and cause
             harder to follow your      your body to hold onto too much fluid.   Bacon, sausages, black and white
              kidney diet and fluid     This extra fluid puts extra pressure on  puddings, processed meats (corned
                                        your heart to pump blood around your    beef, salami, pate);
                         restriction’   body, thus the more fluid you retain the   Frozen and takeaway meals,
                                        higher your blood pressure will be.     convenience foods, meals containing
                                        Increased thirst can make it difficult to  soy sauce.
                                        maintain your fluid restriction.       Smoked fish and fish pastes
                                          Even without adding salt to your food,   Tinned vegetables (unless marked 'no
                                        you can easily get more than you need   added salt')
                                        by including processed foods that have a   Tinned and packet soups, casserole
                                        high salt content in your kidney diet. It  mixes (e.g. Bovril, Oxo, Marmite),
                                        can take up to six weeks for your taste  stock cubes
                                        buds to adjust to having less salt, but   Bottled, canned and packet sauces
        Article provided by             soon you should find that you are       and tomato juice
                                        enjoying the real flavour of your food.   Crisps, salted biscuits (e.g. Tuc, Ritz)            To reduce your salt intake:           and other salted snacks e.g. nuts and
        subgroup of the Irish Nutrition   Avoid using salt at the table and if  popcorn
        & Dietetic Institute Renal        needed use only a pinch of salt in   Avoid salt substitutes.
        Interest Group.
                                         Choose fresh is a patient  foods instead of
        education website covering all aspects  processed and
        of the kidney diet (also called the Renal  canned foods.
        Diet) for people with chronic kidney   Use herbs and
        disease and their Carers. The aim of the  spices instead of
        website is to help kidney patients and  salt in cooking
        their Carers to understand the kidney  and at the table.
        diet better, to help them to explore new   Check food labels
        avenues with regard to cooking on a  for the
        kidney diet and to improve the food
        choices and variety available to them.  salt/sodium
        Check it out to learn more about the  content to help
        kidney (renal) diet!              make healthier

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