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                                                                                By ORLA HOGAN-RYAN

                                                                                We hope all are keeping well?
                                                                                  We are all busy around the county
                                                                                getting ready for ‘Organ Donor
                                                                                Awareness Week’. There are lots of
                                                                                boxes being organised and we are
                                                                                most grateful to our volunteers who
                                                                                help out during the week.
                                                                                  Ned Crowe and Orla Hogan-Ryan
                                                                                attended a function. in Clonmel in
                                                                                February, where they were both
                                                                                presented with a ‘Special
                                                                                Achievement Award’ for taking part
                                                                                in the Transplant Games in Finland in
                                                                                  It was a lovely evening with many
                                                                                other sports people, from around
                                                                                the county, also being presented
                                                                                with awards.
                                                                                  Peter Ryan, a paralympian, and
                                                                                his pilot Shaun Hahessy. were also
                                                                                presented. They were both in Rio in
                                                                                2016 and it was lovely to chat to
                                                                                them on the night.

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