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                                                              By HELEN O’SULLIVAN

                                            We hope that 2017 has started off   2C Dialysis ward. Tony Corbett was on
                                            well for all of you. Those of you who  hand, on Thursday, with some easy
                                            got good news since our last        listening Christmas songs to bring a
                                            newsletter congratulations and to all  cheer and a smile to all.
                                            of you who are still waiting, hang in  The patient raffle for the Christmas
                                            there it will come.                 Hampers took place and some of the
                                              We would like to thank those who  winners were lucky to be there to
                                            assisted the Branch in selling      receive their hamper from some of our
                                            Christmas cards this year. It is not an  branch members. Thanks to all the
                                            easy task but we were encouraged by  nurses in the various units for
                                            the number of requests we received  organising the raffles and for
                                            from people all over the county, and  distributing them
                                            acknowledge the effort that goes into  On Friday we had our regular
                                            selling these cards.                entertainers back in the ward, former
                                              Our year ended with what is now   patient, Andy Dunne and his faithful
         CORK HAMPER WINNERS                the annual Christmas entertainment in  sidekick Val Cook.

                 Michael Kiely, Pat Drummy

                    John Joe Brosnan                      Tom O’Leary                       Kieran O’Connor

                   Helen, Breda Lucey, Veronica      Denis Kelleher, Parick O’Sullivan  Hampers ready for delivery
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