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paediatric heart, lung and liver      DECEASED DONOR TRANSPLANTS
        transplants occurred in the UK for
        Irish listed patients (but I do not       2009 2010      2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   2016
        know).                                275
           5 of the 7 living donor kidney
        transplants that occurred in the UK,                      248           256
        in Coventry to be precise, were       250   243
                                                                                              233    230
        conducted in the UK paired exchange
        programme (cross over). A willing     225
        living donor, whose kidney does not                                                               Average
        match with the person that they wish  200                        206           211                  222
        to see transplanted, joins with the
        potential recipient, to go on a listing
        system in the UK of similar           175
        circumstances. If the computer
        programme creates a matching pair,    150          151
        the living donor kidney goes to
        another person in the system and the
        recipient receives a kidney from a  15 per year will be the new norm. 119  liver transplantation is conducted on
        stranger, also in the programme. The  liver transplants in the last 2 years is  behalf of the HSE in the UK, as I said
                                            also quite an achievement by St
                                                                                earlier I do not have the 2016 data.
        normal is a cross over between
        couples but a chain of transplants  Vincent’s Hospital from the level of  We recognise the selfless act of
        and donors also occurs with multiple  deceased donors available.        organ donation that these statistics
                                              Again, I wish to highlight the
                                                                                reflect, and apologise, in the same
                                            cooperation the Irish Liver Transplant  breath, to the grieving donor families
          LIVING PAIRED EXCHANGE            Programme has with the UK.          whose gift of life made the statistics
                 PROGRAMME                    All Irish paediatric heart, lung and  possible.
            Donor               Donor               ORGAN DONOR STATISTICS
           Mr Jones            Mr Smith
           (Blood Type A)      (Blood Type B)  Hospital referrals of potential organ donors to ODTI                        190
                                             Referrals not progressed to donation                                                  113
           Recipient           Recipient          Deemed medically unsuitable                       75
           Ms Jones            Ms Smith           Consent was not achieved                          38
           (Blood Type B)      (Blood Type A)
                                             Consented Organ donors                                          77
         Mr Jones is blood type A and wants       Utilised organ donors
         to donate a kidney to Ms Jones            (When at least one organ from an organ donor
         who is blood type B. Mr & Mrs             is removed with the intention of transplanting it)  72

         Smith, have opposite circumstances       Unutilised organ donors
         (blood type B donor who wants to         (When no organs are removed from an organ donor
         donate to blood type A recipient.         in the procurement operation)                     5
           The donor kidneys could be
         exchanged and both groups would                      CONSENTED ORGAN DONORS (77)
         undergo a living donor and          Type                        Cause of Death
         transplant procedure.               Heart beating               Cerebral bleed                                           32
                                             (brain death donor)                74
                                                                         CVA (cerebrovascular accident) / Stroke                7
           2 complex patients, on the Irish                              Hypoxia (oxygen deprivation)                            21
        kidney transplant waiting list,      Non-heart beating           Head injury (including road traffic accidents)        17
                                             (cardiac death donor)               3
        received a kidney from their Irish
        donor in a UK specialist transplant  Ages                   Sex                    Blood Groups
        centre.                              Less than 16              2  Male (60%)             46   O                             41
           As I am writing this report, there  17 – 18                      4  Female (40%)          31  A                             24
        have been no pancreas transplants    19 – 35                    15                 B                              10
        conducted since 2014 but all is in   36 – 55                    26                 AB                             2
        place and as soon as a suitable donor  56 – 65                    21
        is secured, the transplants will start in
        St. Vincent’s Hospital.              66 and older              9
           For 4 years in a row, there have
        been over 30 lung transplants in         ORGANS RETRIEVED FROM DECEASED DONORS (72)
        Ireland, creating the expectation that  Organ       Retrieved      Utilised      Exported     Imported   For Research
        30+ is the new norm that is          Kidney           128              122                1                  0                    5
        considered outstanding in            Liver                58                58                 5                  7                    1
        international terms from so few      Heart              17                15                 2                  0                    0
        donors.                              Lungs              57                35                 2                  0                    5
           49 heart transplants in the last 3
        years also creates an expectation that                         260              230               10                 7                   11
                                             IKA S UPPOR T S PRING 2017                                         7
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