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World Kidney Day – Temple Street                                                    World Kidney Day – Temple Street


        Temple Street Children’s Hospital
        The staff in St. Michael’s C Ward in the
        Children’s University Hospital in Temple
        Street took the opportunity on World
        Kidney Day (March 9th) to showcase
        their services in the hospital and shine a  The ITWA team were keen to
        light on how renal failure can impact on  play their role in spreading organ
        areas such as diet.                   donor awareness in the
           The IKA was invited to have an     community. They allocated 5
        information stand to promote the      minutes to address the audience
        services of the Association and highlight  and promote the work of the IKA
        activities such as the annual TACKERS  as well as featuring our big organ
        Ski Camp in Switzerland which is open  donor card prominently and
        to children who are transplant        making donor cards available to all
                                              who attended.
                                                 UGADI marks the beginning of
        UGADI CELEBRATIONS                    New Year. It is basically observed by
        Recently, the Ireland Telugus Welfare  people of Deccan region in India.
        Association (ITWA) invited the IKA to  States like Karnataka, Maharashtra,
        join them in UGADI Celebrations to    Rajasthan, Telangana and Andhra
        promote organ donor awareness. The    Pradesh celebrate the festival with
        event took place on April 1st in      lots of excitement and enthusiasm.
        Phibblestown, Dublin 15 and there was  The event in Phibblestown included
        a huge attendance. Other guests       lots of music, dance and general
        included Leo Varadkar, TD.            entertainment.

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