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or those of you who don't know,  OUR MULTILAYERED MIND
                                                 Sergio Garcia won the US         Our mind is multilayered. A top
                                                 Masters golf in April this year.  layer – the rational thinking, logical
                                            FWhy do I mention this? Well, in    part. Freud described this layer as
                                            an interview he gave afterwards he  secondary process thinking. A deeper
                                            emphasised the importance of        or second layer called our emotional
                                            preparation. Many hours were spent  mind, which Freud named primary
                                            exercising and on the practice range.  process thinking. This part of the mind
                                            Yet when he spoke of preparation he  is ruled by emotions and remote from
                                            was not simply thinking of the      any logic. These are the dual
                                            preparation through practice but more  dimensions of our mind.
                                            importantly his mental preparation.
                                            What Garcia underlined in his       TOP LAYER
                                            interview was; how well he played     The top layer we use for ordinary
                                            depended as much on his mental      everyday tasks, like remembering a
                                            preparation as it did on his physical.   phone number, recalling what we
                                              This got me thinking about our    need to buy in the supermarket or
                                            mind and what an amazing ‘piece of  something mundane like putting the
                                            kit’ it is. It can do so much; store,  bins out on bin day. All this and more
                 By MIKE KELLY              retain and retrieve so much         we do with little effort and without
                                            information, from ordinary things like  much thought. Once this information
                                            phone numbers to more detailed,     is accessed and used the mind quickly
                                            dense or complex data. Some people  forgets it or ‘re-files’ it for future
                                            we describe as ‘walking             reference should it be required.
                                            encyclopaedias’ or of having a        We can employ this top level – the
                                            ‘photographic memory’. What we      logical, thinking, reasoning part of our
                                            marvel at is their capacity to use their  mind when, for example, we lose
           Mike can be contacted            mind to take in so much, retain it and  something. This requires a little more
                                            use it. As human beings we seem to  sustained effort as we attempt to
               at Donor House               have the capacity to absorb         think our way to finding the lost item,
                on 01-6205306               information and experiences at a    which may prove productive provided
                                            phenomenal rate and, at times,      we persist in the task of thinking. We
          or by email:
                                            without apparently much effort!     can ask ourselves relevant questions;
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