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“We do not see things as                                       The Irish Kidney Association
                                                                                               provides a FREE and
                         they are, we see them as                                    confidential counselling service
                                                                                        for those on treatment, their
                                                                                          families and carers, either
                         we are”                                                      through their counsellor, based
                                                                                       at Donor House, or through a
                                                                                       nationally registered, locally-
                                                                                          based counsellor network.
        what was I doing when I last had it? Was
        I alone or with someone else? When did I                                        If, as a person on treatment,
                                                                                        family member or carer, you
        last see it? What was I wearing when I                                          feel it would be of benefit to
        last had it? By going through this – step                                     you to speak to a counsellor or
        by step – in great detail can result in us                                    if you would like a referral to a
        remembering where we left it. This is                                           counsellor in your local area
        using the top layer of our mind, bringing                                            please contact Mike at
        that practical part of our mind to bear on                                                   Donor House.
        a particular issue.
           Using this part of our mind allows us
        to tick the ‘task completed’ box, it does
        not in any appreciable way trigger or                            Sigmund Freud
        impact on our emotional mind. In other
        words it does not affect us at an      creates the lens through which we view
        emotional or gut level.                the world, how we relate to others, how             My thanks to the
                                               we react to the different circumstances  Offaly branch for inviting me to
        DEEPER LAYER                           life throws up and the reactions we          talk at their Organ Donor
           Our emotional mind, unlike the top  provoke or elicit in others.               Awareness Week launch in
        layer, is much slower at assimilating    These emotional experiences reside in        March and also to the
        knowledge but is usually more retentive.  the emotional mind. They remain          Wexford branch for their
        Where the emotional mind excels is in its  dormant until activated by an experience    kind invitation to give
        capacity to retain and store emotional  that contains within it similarities to a     a presentation at their
        experience. How do we explain how in   memory in our past that is full of              Branch AGM in April
        one moment we may be calm and          emotion. Then our emotional mind
        reasonable and the next quite emotional  triggers the feelings associated with the
        and irrational? When our emotional mind  past event in the present. In other words
        is triggered it throws aside slow,     our emotional mind reacts emotionally to        SELF
        deliberate, analytical thinking – the top  a present situation as if it were the past.
        layer – in favour of a more emotional  Often we are not aware of this          MANAGEMENT
        response. It is as if our emotions sweep  connection and we can be left
        over us without us appearing to have any  wondering why our reactions are so   PROGRAMME
        choice in the matter. When you then ask  strong to a particular experience.
        yourself the question; why did I do/say                                       Both the Cork and Dublin
        that...this is your rational mind awaking  CHANGE                             branches have successfully
        to the moment but at a much slower       It is only when we engage our        completed self-management
        pace than the emotional mind.          emotional mind - this deep level of    programmes.
                                                                                        The Cork programme ran
           If you have ever had occasion to speak  consciousness – that change can happen  one morning a week for six
        to or try and support someone who is   and real change can occur. When this   weeks in March/April. It was
        emotionally upset you will find that no  change happens its impact is felt not just  facilitated by two trained IKA
        matter how cogent, logical, reasoned   by us but by others as well. This cannot  members; Harry Ward and
        your argument is, it does not have the  be achieved by an act of our logical  Peter Pardoe. Feedback from
        desired effect. Why? Because you are   thinking mind alone. To secure         the programme was very
        using the top layer of your mind and this  permanent change demands we embark  positive with those who
        does not connect to the emotional mind  on a journey, engaging with our       attended. Many found it of
        of the upset person. To connect with the  emotional mind. This is never a short  help in their day to day living
        person who is emotionally upset is to  journey, it takes time, it will have its  with their illness. My thanks to
        engage them with our emotional mind    bumpy and difficult moments and for    the Cork branch for all the
                                                                                      work they put in to organising
        primarily and secondly with our logical  many it may take a lot of time.      such a successful programme
        mind.                                                                         and to Harry and Peter for
                                               SELF-DISCOVERY                         facilitating the weekly
        OUR MIND - THE INFLUENCE OF THE          We can be supported on this journey  meetings.
        PAST ON THE PRESENT                    by others. Others may give advice or     If there is any other branch
           Freud, Jung and others wrote        direction or accompany us as we journey  or a cluster of branches that
        extensively about the emotional        but it is only in what we discover for  are interested in running a
        experience of childhood and the impact  ourselves on that journey that allows for  programme, please contact
        this has on our lives. This experience  the most effective change of all.     Mike at Donor House.

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