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ndications are that the returns from Organ Donor
                                                            Awareness Week might well be up by 10% on last
                                                            year so, perhaps, we can begin to come off the floor
                                                        Iand return to having an organisation that can
                                                        commence thinking of new ideas rather than ways to
                                                        keep our existing services alive with less and less funding.
                                                           The press response to our call for more organ donors is
                                                        remarkable, driven as each story is, by Gwen
                                                        O’Donoghue, who is tireless in grabbing every possible
                                                        opportunity from the media’s interest in promoting the
                                                        awareness campaigns.
                                                           You, the members, are the cornerstone of the
                                                        awareness and fundraising activities. Thank you to so
                                                        many of you who took to the streets and shopping
                                                        centres, across the country, to distribute the organ donor
                                                        cards and sell the IKA merchandise.
                                                           The good news that I included in the Spring edition of
                                                        SUPPORT, from the Irish Skin Foundation, was described
                                                        as “premature” by the HSE. Apologies to those of you
                                                        who sought prescriptions from your consultants for sun
                                                        screening products, only to find that the pharmacists are
                                                        rightly unaware of their non-inclusion in the drug
                                                        payment scheme. Medical card holders, who fill out a
                                                        hardship form that every pharmacist seems to have on
                                                        their premises, are being successful in obtaining the sun
                                                        screen. So, not all bad news for some people! What is
                                                        surprising however is the amount of transplant patients
                                                        who only seem to want the products because it is
                                                        Summer. If I could I would re-brand the products to say
                                                        ‘Light Screen’ as it is very important to use these products
        Contents...                                     for the dialysis unit in Wexford is well-known throughout
                                                        every day, all year round.
                                                           The unofficial news that B. Braun has won the tender

                                                        the county. I am sure the official announcement will

                                                            2 EDITORIAL

                                                            4 GALWAY DOCTOR DONATES KIDNEY
                                                                 TO COLLEAGUE

                                                            6 OPENING OF THE BEAUMONT DIALYSIS
                                                                 THERAPIES CENTRE

                                                            8 ARTISTIC PROJECT

                                       FRONT COVER          8 OPENING OF ODTI NEW OFFICES
                                        Recipient and living
                                       donor Dr. Ruth Smith  9 NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                        and Dr Noel Howard
                                        in the ‘Circle of Life’  10 RUN FOR A LIFE
                                                Garden in
                                            Salthill Village.  14 OUT AND ABOUT
                                         Photo: Andrew Downes
                                          SEE STORY PAGE 4-5  14 DIGITAL DONOR CARD

        2                                         IKA S UPPOR T S UMMER 2017
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