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                                                  ocial media continues to be a  over 1.4 million people. This number
                                                  very effective way for non-profit  was very positive when you consider
                                                  organisations like ourselves to  our average Facebook weekly reach is
                                             Spromote our services and to       about 80,000-100,000. We also saw
                                             connect with supporters. The       considerable activity from our Twitter
                                             platform also allows us to enter into  and Instagram accounts during this
                                             two-way communication and engage   time.
                                             with a vast number of supporters     We were delighted to have been
                                             one-to-one.                        shortlisted for the final of the Social
                                               There are a lot of reasons why the  Media Awards for the second year in
                                             IKA has embraced social media. For  a row in the category ‘Use of
                                             example, it has become a great     Facebook by a Non-Profit
                                             method to advertise for volunteers  Organisation’. The Sockies celebrate
                                             on platforms such as Twitter and   the best in social media in Ireland and
           WILL TAKE PLACE ON                Facebook, as it proved during Organ  we were delighted to get to the final.
                                             Donor Awareness Week when we       We lost out to a very worthy winner
              SATURDAY                       put out a call to action for volunteers  in Crumlin Medical Research Fund,
                                                                                we congratulate them on their win,
                                               Fundraising is another way where  and hopefully we will go one step
           7th OCTOBER                       a social media presence has proven  further next year.
                                                                                  Finally I just want to mention our
                                             to be helpful. Just Giving, for
                                             example, which has changed the face  sports team, Transplant Team Ireland
                        at                   of fundraising in recent years,    who are heading off soon to
                                             enables Irish charities to raise money  compete at the World Transplant
                                             by providing a number of ways to   Games in Malaga, Spain. The team
                 12.30PM                     donate online and via texting. The  have a great online presence. To
                                             site makes fundraising quick and easy  ‘follow’ their progress find them on
                        in                   for our supporters.                Facebook ‘Transplant Team Ireland’;
                                               During this year’s Organ Donor   Twitter @TeamIreland1 and also their
               CORPUS CHRISTI                Awareness Week (#Donorweek2017)
                                                                                  We wish them all the best!
                                             – the IKA Facebook page reached
                   CHURCH,                                If you have any enquiries please contact me:

                                                              JAMES REYNOLDS in Donor House,
             HOME FARM ROAD,                                        Via email:
                                                             Or through our official Facebook page,
                   DUBLIN 9                      

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