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Joan and Cliona Marley  Ron Grainger
                                                                              Fit for Life! Ambassador

                                                            LAUNCH OF

                                            n Tuesday March 28th we had the
                                            press launch of the 2017 Organ
                                            Donor Awareness Week campaign
                                     Owith Minister Simon Harris as the
         Bernard (6) and Bernard Kearney Snr
                                     keynote speaker. The launch, to the media,
                                     began with patient presentations from the
                                     rostrum of the Oak Room, Mansion House,
                                     Dawson Street, Dublin.
                                       Ambassador for the second year in
                                     succession Vivienne Traynor, introduced
                                     five speakers who shared their health
                                       Caroline Sheridan, a 34 year old nurse
                                     from Dungarvan, Co Waterford has
                                     undergone two liver transplants, one when
                                     she was just 7 years old in the UK and her
                                     second took place at St. Vincent's
                                     University Hospital Dublin in October 2016.
                                     Her first transplant allowed her to lead a
                                     normal childhood, go to college, pursue a
                                                                                                        Niall Sheridan
                                     career in nursing with transplant patients,
                                     and get married.                       accelerated causing her heart to begin to
        Jack O’Brian and mum Cassandra O’Brien
                                       Cliona Marley from Donegal,          shut down. She spent 180 days in hospital
                                     underwent a heart transplant in the    away from her husband Paul and her
                                     Summer of 2014. She is the second oldest  family being kept alive with a heart pump
                                     of four siblings and the only one to have a  until a suitable donor heart came along in
                                     congenital heart condition. The diagnosis  2014 which saved her life.
                                     came when she was a young child and she  David Crosby from Cavan and a father
                                     underwent her first major surgery when  of three, was catapulted into a world of
                                     she was just 6 years old. Under the care of  uncertainty when, on just marking his 40th
                                     the Mater Hospital her condition was   birthday, he suddenly became ill. The
                                     stabilised for over three decades which  former Meath Minor footballer (a native of
                                     allowed her to lead a normal life. However  Meath Hill), who without any previous
                                     by her late thirties problems associated  diagnosis, received the alarming news that
              Isabel Terry, Vivienne   with her congenital condition quickly  he had a potentially fatal lung condition,
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