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quickly began the screening process  Kidney recipient Peadar O'hIci with Dr Noel Howard
        for living donation. My husband Alan  Pic: Andrew Downes
        also went forward but wasn't a
        compatible donor. However, Noel was
        deemed to be compatible after
        rigorous testing including blood and
        tissue typing as well as psychological
           “The transplant went ahead at
        Beaumont Hospital last September. I
        can honestly say that I didn’t realise
        how unwell I had been feeling up
        until the transplant as I had just been
        plodding along. I feel so much better
        now. My family and I have so much to
        be thankful for and it’s thanks to Noel
        that I am at this point where I can
        look forward to the future with my
        family and continue to enjoy working
        as a doctor, a job I love to do.”
           Noel has cared for numerous kidney
        patients down through the years. One
        of his patients, Peadar O’hIci, a retired  Noel said, “For me, donating a
        teacher and Principal from the      kidney was an easy decision to arrive
        secondary school in Galway which    at. I wanted to help my colleague and
        Noel had attended, came to him for a  friend as I had seen how organ
        medical examination some years ago.  transplantation transformed the lives
           Noel quickly recognised that his  of some of my patients. I knew that  For me donating a
        patient’s symptoms were pointing    Beaumont had been carrying out non-
        towards renal failure. His suspicions  related living donor kidney transplants  kidney was an
        were confirmed and Peadar soon      for some time. My family have always
        commenced dialysis treatment.       been very pro organ donation. Róisín’s   easy decision to
           Noel has witnessed first-hand the  cousin had cystic fibrosis and died
        difference that a kidney transplant in  while on a transplant waiting list. I felt  arrive at. I wanted
        January 2013 made to Peadar's health  that rather than just talking about it
        and life quality. Coincidentally, Peadar  that this was my opportunity to step        to help my
        is the father of Noel’s old school friend  up and try to make a difference. After
        Darach O’hIci’s, and they both went  meeting the team in Beaumont I was         colleague and
        on to study medicine together. While  confident to put my trust in them. The
        Noel opted for general practice     operation was a success and both            friend as I had
        Darach is a cardiologist working in  Ruth and I were back to work within a
        Berlin.                             number of weeks”.                        seen how organ

                                                                                     transformed the
                                                                                          lives of some

                                                                                        of my patients

                                                                                Dr Ruth Smith and Dr Noel Howard in the ‘Circle of Life’
                                                                                Garden in Salthill with Martina Goggin.
                                                                                                                                         Pic: Andrew Downes

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