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                  THE IKA

           The Annual General Meeting of the Irish Kidney Association CLG will be held
                         on Saturday July 8th, 2017 at 2.00pm

           he following people have been proposed and seconded by  a. The Term of office for branch officers shall commence after
           members of the Association for the various National Officer  the annual general meeting of the branch in the appropriate
        Tpositions, and as they are the only people who accepted the  year and shall be two years or such longer or shorter periods
        nominations in each case, they are unopposed and are therefore  as determined by the Board of Directors. The branch Secretary
        deemed elected. They will take up their honorary rolls after the  shall deliver the names of each officer to the Office within 7
        AGM on July 8th.                                        days after the meetings.
                     Honorary National Chairman               b. If at any stage a branch officer is unable to fulfil his / her role,
                  John Whelan, Dublin East + Wicklow            or resigns from his / her position as an officer, the branch may
                                                                re-elect a replacement officer to the branch for the remaining
                     Honorary National Secretary
                      Valerie Brady, Louth / Meath              term of office, as determined by the Board of Directors in
                                                                accordance with paragraph (a).
                         Honorary Treasurer
                    Colin MacKenzie, Dublin North.            c. Branch annual general meetings will be held within a time
                                                                period directed by the Board
        The following special resolution, supported unanimously by the
        Board of Directors, requires a vote by the members of the  New subsection d:
        Association at the AGM, or by proxy if the members are not able  d. If a Branch fails to observe any of the regulations of the
        to attend the AGM.                                      Association, including failure of the Branch to hold an Annual
                                                                General Meeting or failure of the Branch to nominate a
        Special resolution replacing article 9 and the addition to  representative of the Branch to the Board, the Board may at
        article 26 of a new subsection (d) in the Constitution of the  its own discretion take any steps as it deems necessary to
        Irish Kidney Association Company Limited by Guarantee.  rectify this situation by:
                                                                - electing an existing Board member to oversee the activities
        Proposed by:   Valerie Brady                               of the Branch;
                                                                - closing the Branch;
                                                                - requiring the Branch to cease all affiliation with, rights and
        Seconded by:   John Whelan                                 interests associated with being a Branch of the Association
                                                                   including taking all steps to cease the use of the
        Current Article 9:                                         Association’s name;
        Board of Directors                                      - amalgamating or merging the operations of the Branch
        9.                                                         with the operations of another existing Branch; or
        a. The Board shall consist of one representative elected from  - taking any other steps it deems necessary in order to
           each branch of the Association (each a "Branch"). Branches  ensure the regulations of the Association are adhered to
           may decline to elect a representative to the Board.     and the [objectives] of the Association are protected.
                                                              All Branches and all Branch members shall be bound by the
        Replacement Article 9:
        Board of Directors                                    regulations of the Association and shall ensure compliance at all
        9.                                                    times with any obligations associated with being affiliated with
        a. The Board shall consist of one representative elected from  the Association
           each branch of the Association (each a "Branch").
                                                              All SIGNED Proxy Voting Forms must arrive, by post, to
        Current Article 26:                                   Head Office by noon on JUNE 30TH.
        26.All Branches will hold annual general meetings and in the
           appropriate year may elect a Chairman, Secretary and  The agenda for the Patient Conference, prior to the AGM,
           Treasurer and may elect at their discretion a nominee to the  and the audited accounts and current Constitution are
           Board.                                             available at
                                             IKA S UPPOR T S UMMER 2017                                         9
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