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any of you reading this    All of us have regrets, perhaps
                                                        will recall a song made  for the opportunity not taken, for
                                                        famous by Frank         the job not applied for, for the
                                                        Sinatra entitled 'My    relationship that might have been
                                            MWay'. One of the lines             but wasn't, for the loss of a loved
                                            in the song goes: 'regrets I've had a  one who is not here to see how we
                 By MIKE KELLY              few but then again too few to       have developed and matured, for
                                            mention'. The famous French singer  what might be described as the
                                            Edith Piaf sang another memorable   stupid things that probably all of us
                                            song entitled 'I regret nothing'.   have done and now regret.
                                               I doubt that any of you reading
                                            this article can say, that over the  'IF ONLY'
                                            course of your life, you regret        Regrets are expressed through
        “May I wish all                     nothing. Nicholas Hytner in his     the phrase 'if only'. If only I had
                                            reflection about regrets put it in
                                                                                done this or that, if only I had
                                            these terms; 'virtually all of my   risked...whatever. The 'if only' can
        of you a very                       regrets concern eyes across a       work for or against us. The author

                                            crowded room whose owners I have    Katherine Mansfield was forthright
        enjoyable and                       failed to make any contact with.    in her view when she commented;
                                            I can't believe I am alone in this'.  'regret is an appalling waste of
        restful Christmas

        and may 2017 be                        The Irish Kidney Association provides a FREE and confidential counselling
                                                 service for those on treatment, their families and carers, either through
                                                        their counsellor, based at Donor House, or through a nationally
        a year of peace                           If, as a person on treatment, family member or carer, you feel it would
                                                                        registered, locally-based counsellor network.
                                               be of benefit to you to speak to a counsellor or if you would like a referral
        for you all.”                             to a counsellor in your local area please contact Mike at Donor House.

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