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energy: you can't build on it, it is only  want in life and putting in place the
        good for wallowing in'. There is some   structures to achieve it.                       Mike can be
        merit in Mansfield's view as we can use                                                contacted at
        'if only' to justify not doing something.  NEW YEAR                                    Donor House
        The chatter in our mind tells us; 'if only  A 19th century American poet wrote
        such and such...then I could            'for all sad words of tongue and pen, the         on Lo-call
        do/be/succeed in whatever. To wallow in  saddest are these: 'it might have been'.     1890-543639
        this 'if only' casts us in a victim role and  2016 is coming to its end. As the New  or on 01-6205306
        in doing so we disable ourselves. By    Year beckons many of us sit down and
        casting ourselves in the victim role we  make New Year's resolutions. If part of      or by e-mail:
        are blind to the payoffs of remaining in  our thinking is 'what might have been'
        this role. One of the obvious payoffs is  or 'if only', can we challenge ourselves
        that we do not have to take             to see this in a more positive light and
        responsibility as we can blame someone  use it to risk and to grow?                 My thanks to the Galway
        or something else for the predicament                                            Branch for their invitation to
        we find ourselves in.                   Quotes taken from 'The Book of Regrets'  make a presentation at their
           A more positive way to see regrets is  compiled by Juliet Solomon, published in  successful Information Day in
        to view them as moments in which we     2007 by JR Books, London.                             late October.
        gained or learned something. In this case
        they can provide a kind of compass
        leading us on the road of life that lies          “WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES, ANOTHER OPENS;
        ahead. Seeing it from this perspective
        allows us to use the experience of the    BUT WE OFTEN LOOK FOR SO LONG SO REGRETFULLY
        falls and bumps of life as a challenge to  UPON THE CLOSED DOOR THAT WE DO NOT SEE THE
        let go, to take the risk, to wobble and to
        grow. In practice, this means taking                          ONE WHICH HAS OPENED FOR US.”
        responsibility for working out what we                                            – Alexander Graham Bell

                      SUPPORT THE WORK OF THE IKA

                                Yes, I would like to make a regular donation by
                                                     STANDING ORDER.

                                            STANDING ORDER REQUEST FORM
         To: The Manager of
                                                  (Your bank's name and address)
         I/We hereby authorise you to set up a Standing Order on my/our account as specified below:

         Signed:                                                                                                                                          Date:

         PLEASE CHARGE TO MY / OUR ACCOUNT:            Name of Account:

         IBAN:                                                                                                  Bank Identifier Code - BIC:
                                          (These can be found, printed on your bank statement)
         My regular           Monthly        Quarterly        Yearly       DONATION of Amount €
                              (Please tick as appropriate)
                                                                   to start on Date:          /          /

         Name of account:     IRISH KIDNEY ASSOCIATION at Bank of Ireland, College Green, Dublin 2.
          IBAN NO.:  IE06 BOFI 9000 1717 1934 35         BIC NO.:  BOFIIE2D
         As long as you are a PAYE or self-employed tax payer, when you donate €250 or more in a year (€21 or more per month), the Revenue Commissioners will give  Registration
         the Irish Kidney Association CLG an extra rebate of 45%. For example, if you gave €250 in one year, the IKA would gain an extra €112, at no extra cost to you.  No. 20011260
                                              (PLEASE DO NOT POST TO YOUR BANK)
                             THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY
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