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         New kidney diet website launched

                                              , a NEW website created for patients with
                                                        chronic kidney disease has been launched by the Irish Nutrition and
                                                        Dietetic Institute (INDI).
                                                           www.irishkidneydiet is the brain child of a small group of state-
                                                        registered Dietitians from the Renal Interest Group (RIG) of the INDI.
                                                        The vision behind the website was to create a patient education
                                                        website covering all aspects of the kidney diet for people with
                                                        chronic kidney disease and their carers.
                                                           It is estimated that up to 280,000 individuals in Ireland and more
                                                        than 70 million individuals worldwide have Chronic Kidney Disease
                                                        (CKD). 1
                                                           The importance of dietetics in CKD is well referenced 2,3  and it is
                                                        the role of the Renal Dietitian to educate the CKD patient to
                                                        manipulate their diet sufficiently to;
                                                        • Minimise the complications of progressive CKD (e.g. malnutrition,
                                                           hyperkalaemia, hyperphosphataemia, Mineral Bone Disease),
                                                        • Slow disease progression,
                                                        • Achieve a nutritionally balanced diet and also
                                                        • Ensure that their diet enhances quality of life and limits disease
                                                           To date, this has typically been achieved through regular dietetic
                                                        assessment and review and, usage of educational material that
                                                        is predominantly paper-based diet sheets with hand written
                                                        individualisation. However, with the growth of information
                                                        technology, increased availability of handheld devices and access to
                                                        the internet, there is a trend to move away from paper-based
          Pauline Connolly is                           reading materials in favour of more information technology based
                                                        learning applications.
          a Senior Renal Dietitian,                        For the last number of years renal patients have been required to
          Cavan and Monaghan                            move with the times but the only websites available for this patient
          Hospital and is a member                      group were often American or Canadian and therefore were not
          of the Renal Interest Group                   100% suitable for our patient group (due to differences in teaching
                                                        methods, renal diet allowances used and availability of food items
          of the Irish Nutrition and                    in recipes).
          Dietetic Institute.                              It was timely that, following the provision of an education bursary
                                                        to the RIG from Shire Medical, work commenced on the project in
                                                           The team behind the website comprised of: Theresa Rennick,
                                                        Senior Renal Dietitian, Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore; Bernice
                                                        Moore, Senior Renal Dietitian, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin; Pauline
                                                        Connolly, Senior Renal Dietitian, Cavan and Monaghan Hospital;
                                                        Orla Power, Senior Renal Dietitian, St. Vincents University Hospital,
          “We would like to                             Dublin; Celene Sands, Senior Renal Dietitian, Mayo University
          acknowledge Briege O'Kane,                    Hospital; Jean Savage, Renal Dietitian, Tallaght Hospital; and Grainne
          Senior Renal Dietitian,                       Corrigan, Dietitian, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin.
          Department of Nutrition and                      The developing team behind this initiative are extremely aware
          Dietetics, Letterkenny                        that the kidney diet places challenging restrictions on adults with
          University Hospital as the                    kidney disease, and requires planning, imagination and practical
          author of the Renal Interest                  ideas. It is not a simple process to switch from a normal diet with
          Group article in the last                     no limitations to one with many, and those with kidney disease and
          edition of SUPPORT.                           their carers often struggle to inject a little variety into their day-to-
                                                        day renal diet.

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