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It’s important to eat              What should I eat                  Specific dietary needs
      enough protein                     during haemodialysis?              If you have specific

      Research shows that some           During haemodialysis we            dietary needs
      people don’t eat enough on         encourage you to have a            (for example if you need
      dialysis days. This is because     nutritious sandwich to ensure      gluten-free bread), please discuss
      you can often miss a main meal     you get enough protein that        this with your dietitian.
      and have a very long period of     day.
      time when you are away from                                           Restrict fluids
                                         We recommend that you
      home.                                                                 You should restrict your fluid intake
                                         should be offered a sandwich
      During your dialysis session       during dialysis that contains      to one small cup of tea or water
      your protein requirements          one of these:                      (150-200mls) per dialysis session.
      increase and you lose protein in        Turkey                       When you are on dialysis, all fluids that
      the fluid that is removed. You          Chicken                      you drink, both at home and during
      need to eat enough protein-             Tuna mayonnaise              dialysis need to be removed from your
      containing foods to keep your           Beef                         blood. If you drink too much during
      muscles strong, and fight               Chicken and stuffing         dialysis, it may not be possible to
      infection.                              Egg mayonnaise               remove all the fluid from your blood
                                                                            during the treatment.
      We recommend that you try to
      eat foods that contain protein
      during your dialysis session.
      For example:
       Chicken, or
      Some patients cannot tolerate                                         What about potassium?
      eating while on the dialysis                                          Is it safe to eat high potassium
      machine. Your doctor, nurse or                                        snacks on dialysis, for example
      dietitian will advise you about   Bring your                          chocolate or crisps?
      this. If you cannot tolerate food phosphate binders                   No, it is not safe.
      during dialysis, they will arrange When you come to dialysis,         This is because the potassium
      for you to have something to      please remember to bring your       contained in the snack may not be
      eat either before, or after your  phosphate binders with you to       removed from your blood during
      dialysis.                         take with you sandwich.             that particular dialysis session.
           If you have any questions or queries, please ask your dietitian.

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