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                                                f you have never been to a      a donor family approach members of
                                                European Transplant & Dialysis  our team to acknowledge their
                                                Sports Championships you might  accomplishments but also to express
                                            Iwell wonder what the fuss is all   appreciation for what they represent.
                                            about?!                             My favourite tweet associated with
                                              If I was to try and summarise it in  our involvement in this year’s
                                            one sentence it would be: it is about  European Championships read;
                                            people and it is about making a     “Seeing the Irish team return from the
                                            difference. Our team of 46 people   Transplant & Dialysis European
                                            that travelled to Finland for this year’s  Championships so happy makes me
                                            Championships was made up of 27     glad to be an organ donor.” It truly is
                                            competitors and 19 supporters but   about people and about making a
                                            the network of people behind them   difference.
                                            was vast.                              Our team could not travel if it were
                By COLIN WHITE                When you realise the value that   not for the support of the transplant
                TEAM MANAGER                travelling supporters (family members  and dialysis medical community.
                                            and friends) put on their loved one’s  Whether it is completing a medical
                                            involvement, in transplant and dialysis  form or simply giving words of
                                            sport, you realise that its impact goes  encouragement, the support of an
                                            beyond the 7 days of competition.   athlete’s medical team can make all
                                            Having a goal such as the European or  the difference when it comes to
                                            World events motivates a healthy and  confidence building.
                                            active approach to day to day life     With a growing realisation that
                                            resulting in so many positive       healthcare should not only be reactive
                                            outcomes not only for the individual  (healing the sick) our physicians can
                                            but for their families too.         help inspire their patients to take a
                                              When you look at the wider impact  more proactive role in their own
                                            of the existence of our sports team  healthcare by encouraging and
                                            you realise that the value of the   supporting them to lead an active and
                                            project extends beyond those        healthy lifestyle that includes
                                            immediately involved. At our recent  participation in events such as the
                                            Service of Remembrance and          European Transplant & Dialysis Sports
                                            Thanksgiving I witnessed a member of  Championships.   continued next page....

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