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Radio Snowflake

                                                               Clidhna and Terry McElroy with
                                                               twins Donagh and Caoila and Santa

                                                               Santa asks you to
                                                               ‘Carry a Donor Card’

                    ith the season of goodwill now upon us, the  Conor and Sarah Dalton with baby Anabelle,
                    Irish Kidney Association is partnering with  David Baker and Santa
                    Radio Snowflake in inviting the general public
                    to reflect on the ultimate gift, the Gift of Life
        Wthat is organ donation.
           Radio Snowflake promises to provide the perfect mix of
        sounds this Christmas while also bringing into focus the
        importance of organ donation by encouraging families to
        discuss their wishes about being an organ donor when they
        come together to celebrate the festive season.
           The online radio station, on air from 1st December for
        26 days, has chosen the IKA. People can listen online live to
        Radio Snowflake and also take it
        wherever they go by downloading Radio Snowflake’s free
        official App (search Radio Snowflake) from the Google Play
        Store and iTunes.                                       Proud parents Sarah Dalton and her kidney donor
           Sprinkled amongst the festive music are testimonials  husband Conor from Castleknock, Dublin were happy to
        from people expressing their gratitude to their organ  support Radio Snowflake with their three month old
        donors at Christmas for having received the ultimate gift,  ‘miracle’ baby Anabelle. Sarah was diagnosed with kidney
        the gift of life through transplantation. Listeners will be  problems at the age of six and has undergone two kidney
        encouraged to get the organ donor card by Freetexting the  transplants. She expressed gratitude to the deceased donor
        word DONOR to 50050 or downloading the Donor Ecard    for her first transplant which she received when she was 17
        App on their smartphone or by ticking their wishes on their  and which lasted over a decade in which time it allowed
        driving licence application.                          her to finish school, graduate from music college and meet
           Among those attending the launch at the Renal Support  her future husband Conor.
        Centre, Beaumont Hospital were families touched by organ  In October 2013 they underwent a ‘living donor’ kidney
        failure.                                              transplant in Beaumont Hospital. Sarah said, “Anabelle is
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