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A Christmas Message

        The National Chairman

                                               t Is hard to believe that Christmas is almost here – where did this
                                               year go? As we look forward, once again to the Christmas season, I
                                            Iwould like to thank everyone who has helped and supported the
                                                Irish Kidney Association over the past year. It has been a busy year
                                                 with many and varied fundraising activities. We are truly thankful
                                                  to the 25 branches of the Association, volunteers and supporters
                                                   for their dedication and commitment.
                                                      Looking back over 2016 as National Honorary Chairperson,
                                                    I have been privileged and honoured to represent the
                                                    Association at various events and meetings throughout the
                                                    year. A personal highlight for me was witnessing the amazing
                                                    achievements of Team Ireland at the European Dialysis and
                                                    Transplant Games. I would also like to extend my
                                                    congratulations to Ron Grainger who has been chosen as the
                                                   World Transplant Games Federation Ambassador ahead of the
                                                  Games next year in Malaga.
                                                    This year, Vivienne Traynor from RTE, kindly agreed to act as
                                                an Ambassador for our Organ Donor Awareness Campaigns.
                                               Through her own personal connection with organ donation,
                                             Vivienne was more than willing to take part in this year’s campaign.
                                          We sincerely appreciate your participation and thank you for taking time
                                       from your busy schedule to do so.
                        I would like to thank each and every staff member for your continued commitment and
                      hard work. Your excellent care and dedication ensures the smooth running of the
                        Christmas is a time when families come together and we encourage families to take this
                      opportunity to talk to each other about organ donation. The generosity of the donor families
                      who have given so many the ‘Gift of Life’ will be in our thoughts over the Christmas period.
                      I will be lighting a candle in memory of these donors and encourage you all to do the same.
                        Finally I would like to thank my fellow Board members and Branch Officers for their
                      continued support throughout the year.
                        On behalf of the Board of Directors, may I wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous
                      New Year.                                                                  VALERIE BRADY

                   2017 Organ Donor Awareness Week
                         will take place from APRIL 1ST8TH

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