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                                             Dublin North members at the monthly meeting
                                             PARTY TIME                         CHRISTMAS CARDS
                                               Our Annual Dublin North Christmas  Our IKA Christmas cards are in great
                                             Party was in the Skylon Hotel on   demand and ALL profits from these
                                             Tuesday December 6th. Our special  charity cards go to the IKA.
                                             guest for the evening was Red Hurley  ORGAN DONOR AWARENESS WEEK 2017
                                             who was joined by his brother Fran.  We are already thinking about
                                               We enjoyed an excellent 3-course
                                             meal followed by a brilliant Raffle. 1st  Organ Donor Awareness Week which
                                                                                will run from April 1st-8th next. We
                                             prize was specially made for us by Des  need more collectors and venues in
                                             Halpin - a beautiful inlaid wooden box  most areas of North Dublin. Local
                                             for keepsakes.                     knowledge and contacts are so
                                               We also had a Kris Kindle so no one
                                             went home empty handed. A great    important towards getting permission
                                                                                to collect, so please consider supporting
                                             evening for all.
                                                                                the week.
                                             RADIO SNOWFLAKE                    THANKS
                                               Congratulations to all our ‘stars’
                                                                                  We thank all who supported and
                                             who are appearing on Radio Snowflake  helped Dublin North branch during
                                             during the month of December. Every  2016 and also all medical professionals
                                             day we hear a new voice all        for their continued care. We recall those
                                             representing the IKA and its varied  who are not with us this Christmas
                                             activities.                        time. Finally, to all members, supporters
                                               Well done, to all our broadcasters.
                                             And don’t forget to tune in!       and staff of the IKA, a very happy
                                                                                Christmas and a healthy and peaceful

                                              CONGRATULATIONS          Louise, Elyssa and Brian
                                              Congratulations to Dublin
                                              North Branch member
                                              Brian Carney and his wife
                                              Louise on the arrival of
                                              Elyssa in early October.
                                              Sean (10), Jack (3) and now
                                              Elyssa are all miracles post-
                                              transplant. Having had two
                                              transplants Brian realises
                                              the huge role they have            Sean with Elyssa      Jack with Elyssa
                                              played in him receiving a
                                              new life and giving life.
                                              Describing the pictures
                                              Brian says, “without a
                                              donor these pictures would
                                              be empty, that’s the effect
                                              of an organ donor...Some
                                              we can’t thank no matter
                                              how much we wish we

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