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                                                                 By BERNIE DWYER

        Greetings to you all in Dublin East
        and Wicklow. This Autumn and early
        Winter has thankfully been so
        different from last year, so Spring
        doesn't seem that far away. Firstly, we
        wish everyone a peaceful, happy and
        healthy Christmas and we are always
        mindful of those in the branch who
        are saddened by the loss of a loved
        one or who may be unwell at this
           Once again this year we were
        invited by the lovely Committee of
        the Kilmacanogue Horse Show to
        receive a cheque for €1,000. Michael
        Dwyer (below) received this from
        Georgina Masterson and we thank
        them very much for their hospitality
        and generosity. By the way they have   The Lady Captain and Committee   shows the members of the club
        asked for our support for their annual  of Leopardstown Ladies Golf Club  committee with Vice Captain Deirdre
        Show next year, so anyone who could  nominated the Irish Kidney         Burke and Lady Captain Geraldine
        help please let us know.            Association to be the beneficiary of  Vance on either side of our Branch
                                            their annual charity golf competition,  Chairman, at the presentation of the
         Michael Dwyer                      which took place on Sunday, October  cheque. The IKA is very appreciative
                                            16th.                               of the interest and support of the
                                               The Leopardstown Club, which is  Leopardstown Club.
                                            affiliated to the Irish Ladies Golfing  Our Christmas lunch took place on
                                            Union, is in its 10th year, having been  Sunday 11th December in the Ocean
                                            founded in 2007, and now has a      Bar and Grill, Bray.
                                            membership of over 160 ladies.         Our next meeting will be on the
                                               The Charity Day was a very       first Tuesday of February and we
                                            successful event with over 90       kindly ask all members to give an
                                            members taking part, and the        hour or two during Organ Donor
                                            competition was followed by a very  Awareness Week next April.
                                            enjoyable gala dinner.              Volunteers are the life blood of the
                                               At a subsequent event our Branch  IKA, so we look forward to
                                            Chairman, National Secretary John   welcoming new members also.
                                            Whelan, was presented with a           Once again, happy Christmas and
                                            cheque for €1320. The above picture  all the best in 2017.
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