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                                                                                  By SIOBHÁN BATES

                                                                               Hello from Donegal. Hope this winter
                                                                               edition of SUPPORT finds you all well?
                                                                               Our last Donegal branch meeting of
                                                                               2016 was held on November 28th.
                                                                               Christmas cards were also sold on the
                                                                                 Our 2017 meetings will resume at
                                                                               the end of January or mid-February
                                                                               depending on our Donegal weather.
                                Fr Pierce Cromac  Donal O’Flynn
                                                                                 I would like to take this opportunity
                                                                               to thank everyone who volunteered their
                                                                               time to the Branch during the year.
                                                                               Whether it was a coffee morning, a quiz
                                                                               or any fundraising / awareness event,
                                                                               your help is very much appreciated.
                                                                                 Thank you to all who help during
                                                                               Organ Donor Awareness Week each year
                                                                               and with the Churchgate collections.
                                                                               Without your help we would not have
                                                                               such a successful branch.
                                                                                 We were very sad to hear of the
                                                                               passing of Ralph Thomson who was a
                                                                               dear friend and long-time Treasurer of
                                                                               the Donegal branch. Ralph dedicated
                                                                               much of his time, voluntarily, to his role
                                                                               as Treasurer, making sure the books were
                                                                               delivered on time. Condolences to his
                Willie O’Halloran                                 O’Leary Family  wife Ann and family and friends. May
        the year for promoting organ donor  election year for Branch Officers.  you rest in peace Ralph and ‘thank you’
        awareness and it requires your help.  The AGM will take place in April  for all you did for the Donegal branch.
        We need people in every town and   (date to be confirmed) and any      Condolences also to all those families
        village in the county. If you can  member who might be interested in   and friends who will be missing a loved
        organise to collect at your local  becoming involved in the branch and  one this year at the Christmas family
        shopping centre or supermarket     running for election as a Branch    table.
        make sure to request their permission  Officer or as Board Member, at    Congratulations to those who
        to do so well in advance.          national level, can contact any one of  received the ‘gift of life’ and please God
                                           the Officers to discuss further and  may it bring you years of health and
        AGM 2017                           obtain more information as to what  happiness.
           Next year’s Cork AGM is an      is involved.                          A happy Christmas and many thanks
                                                                               go to all nephrologists, nurses and staff
                               DATES FOR YOUR DIARY 2017                       in the dialysis units and to the staff in
                      Organ Donor Awareness Week – April 1st-8th.              Donor House and the Renal Support
                  Annual Golf Classic – Mitchelstown Golf Club – May 26th.     Centre, from the Committee and
                 World Transplant Games – Malaga, June 25th to July 2nd.       members of Donegal branch.

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