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                                                     Annual Report 2015

          The National Kidney                        Foreword

          Transplant Service                         The National Kidney Transplant Service (NKTS) has come a long way
                                                     since the first deceased donor kidney transplant was performed in
          Annual Report for 2015                     Ireland in 1964. Originally based in the old Jervis St. Hospital,

          was published in                           transplant activity in Ireland grew slowly to about 20 per year over
                                                     the subsequent decade. An important milestone was achieved 8 years
          November. You can                          later with the successful completion of the first living donor kidney
          read and download a                        transplant in 1972. Over the following 15 years, activity increased
                                                     steadily to about 50 transplants per year. The NKTS moved to its
          copy from our website                      current home in Beaumont Hospital in 1987, a move that allowed the

                                 service to grow and mature, and activity soon reached levels similar to
                                                     today of approximately 140 transplants per year.
                                                       With a total of 153           approximately a third of all
          I include here the                         transplants performed, 2015     activity. Nonetheless, significant
                                                     was a productive year for the   challenges remain.
          Foreword to the Report                     NKTS, and overall transplant      First, the numbers joining the
          which gives a good                         activity levels have been       transplant waiting list continues
                                                                                     to grow. With 171 new patients
                                                     consistent with recent years.
          overall view of the                        However these figures conceal a  added to the waiting list in
                                                     major shift in the profile of   2015, bringing the total number
          activity generated from                    kidney transplantation in Ireland.  waitlisted to in excess of 560,
                                                     In particular, the rate of      the rate of transplantation is still
          Beaumont Hospital and                      deceased organ donation has     not keeping pace with demand.
                                                                                       Second, the trend of fewer
          I have also included                       steadily decreased, albeit due to  deceased donor organ donation
                                                     a number of welcome factors,
          some key highlight                         most notably improvements in    is set to continue, and this brings
                                                     road safety and neurosurgical   with it the requirement to
          statistics.                                care.                           consider increasingly marginal
                                                       Growth in the living donor    organs for transplantation. This
                                                     programme in Beaumont has       will undoubtedly impact on
                                                     partially offset this decline, and  transplant outcomes.
          Mark Murphy                                the number of living donor        Lastly, an increasing
                                                     kidney transplants has increased  proportion of patients awaiting
                                                     steadily over the past decade   kidney transplant are ‘highly
                                                     such that they now make up      sensitised’, meaning there are

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