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Peak performance –Life after transplantation

             he World Transplant Games                                          New Zealand rugby match!
             Federation (WTGF) is involved                                        We were very fortunate that one of
             in the promotion of recovery                                       the 12 ambassadors selected was our
        Tafter surgery, the return to                                           own Ron Grainger. He attended the
        quality of life, and international                                      launch in Chicago along with Colin
        collaboration and friendship, through                                   White, our National Projects Manager,
        sporting events for the transplant                                      who attended in his capacity as WTGF
        recipient community.                                                    Treasurer.
           Accepting that the Summer World                                        Ron’s passion and commitment to
        Transplant Games may not be for                                         the role of WTGF Fit for Life!
        everyone, the WTGF is rolling out a                                     Ambassador is very clear. He is living
        programme aimed at encouraging                                          the message and he is keen that
        EVERY transplant recipient to simply  post-transplant. Fit for Life!    others get to experience similar
        become Fit For Life!                ambassadors will represent the WTGF  positive outcomes.
           The new Fit for Life! Initiative is  by speaking about their physical  Ron will be working closely with
        designed to help recipients transition  activity and fitness experience to  the IKA to roll-out this WTGF initiative.
        from a life of sedentary and protective  transplant clinics, participating in  The intention is to get the transplant
        behaviour immediately post-transplant  sporting programmes and          medical community on board so that
        to a full and active life centred on  encouraging others to attend      they include regular physical activity as
        physical activity, regardless of    transplant games.                   part of the rehabilitative process.
        additional or adjacent medical        The first 12 ambassadors were     Families will also be encouraged to get
        treatment.                          recently selected from all over the  involved in becoming Fit for Life! with
           As part of the initiative the WTGF is  world and they travelled to Chicago  future projects such as the Billion
        recruiting transplant recipient     for the official launch of the      Step Challenge being introduced in
        ambassadors from around the world   programme which took place in the   2017.
        to inspire others through their own  centre of the field, during the half-  You can read Ron’s thoughts on the
        commitment to remain fit and active  time break at the historic Ireland v  opposite page.
          SPORTS PROGRAMME 2017

             There’s a lot on  Sunday Jan 15                   Sports / Social Session   ALSAA Sports Complex
                              Badminton Table Tennis, Bowling
           offer in 2017 and
                              Saturday Feb 4-11                TACKERS Ski Camp          Anzère, Switzerland
             newcomers are
                              3 children will be
           always welcome.    travelling to Switzerland
                     Contact   Sunday Feb 19                   Sports / Social Session   ALSAA Sports Complex

              Colin White in  Badminton, Squash
                              Darts, Bowling
               Donor House
                              Sunday Mar 26                    Sports / Social Session   ALSAA Sports Complex
             ( /
                              Badminton, Athletics, Bowling
            01 620 5306) for
                              Sunday Apr 23                    Sports / Social Session   ALSAA Sports Complex
               more details.  Badminton, Swimming
                              Athletics, Bowling
                              Sunday May 21                    Team Kit Day              ALSAA Sports Complex
                              Handing out team kit to the team travelling to the World Transplant Games in Malaga
                              Team Briefing
                              Motivational Speaker
                              Team photos (individual/county/sport/team)

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